Battle in the square

Ozzie charms the Obsidian guardians to attack one of the small Carnifex which is knocked over.

The magical Carnifex flaps down to try and influence the crystal but is distracted by Memennon in diabolical form.

As Memnnon dodges the attack from the acarnifex he teleports next to the crystal which takes a dislike to him and bursts out necrotic energy at the priest of Halav. A blinding crack of energy from the crystal bursts out of the crystal and pulse with light and several

The chaos dragon moves forward and breathes over Ozzie and Switch with nasty necrotic and lightning. The battle is starting to swing the way of the Beyond.

Ozzie tiggers his cloak and takes out a troglefex and damages a number of other creatures. Memnnon lays down a pile of damage against the crystal and the Carnifex.

The magical Carnifex mutters damn we are gong to have to tigger the other one and then flys off, looking a bit sore.

The crystal tiggers pushing Memnnon away and then one of the crystal is reabsorbed into itself. The Chaos dragon turns and attacks Memnnon.

Althea continues to strike at the crystal from underneath. Switch takes out the troglefex which is charging towards Ozzie, killing it before it can bit the wizard.

The Carnifex stomps over and takes Memnnon down.
Ozzie teleports over turns the troglodyte and the dragon into mice, destroying one of the crystals

The crystals move out to attack Ozzie who teleports away. Shins the crystal.

Memnnon is hit by an exploding crystal and knocked prone.

The Crystalline guardian goes to seek Tol.

The crystal has been slapped together very quickly to by the Carnifex. Ozzie starts concentrating on the hourglass and trying to shut it down.

The crystal pulses and the energy is absorbed by Ozzie’s cincture, which would otherwise have pushed him away from the crystal.

The dragon moves over and gives Memnnon a big lashing with its tentacles and then moves back towards Ozzie.

Althea continues to chip away from the inside, whilst Switch finishes off one of the golems, but is immediately attacked by one of the guardians, which blinds him. The other goes after Ozzie, also blinding him, he staggers back from the crystals, losing control of it, but summons the lightning ball towards him.

The entire party is blind and the crystal can be heard healing itself, as do the guardians. The guardians launch their long range bombs at Ozzie and Memnnon.

Tol sees that some of the crystals have now flown off the crystal and there is a large shape landing back on the crystal. Our teeth are reacting and the heroes start to get a headache. The sky darkens and starts to go purple and the chaos dragon turns on Ozzie and slaps him with one of its tentacles meanwhile Althea whacks the crystal, which then shatters bursting shards in all directions.

Above can be seen a huge Crystalline structure hovering above, Ozzie finally clears his vision from the attack by the guardians.

Memnnon calls on the faith of his god and goes in search of his companions to heal them and restores Ozzie and significantly improves Switch.

The Carnifex is very upset at Memnnon and turns his wrath upon him. Purple flames engulf the cleric, But he emerges unharmed.

The sky is completely black and there is a roaring hissing sound, this is the end of days.

Tol let’s loose with his arrows at the Carnifex, and then falls over again. Ozzie calls down the his prismatic burst and kills the Carnifex, which with its dying breath says, you will never defeat us, we have other plans. Memnnon trundles in and smacks the chaos dragon, which roars in pain and breathes on Althea and Memnnon.

Memnnon calls for the support of Proteus. The sky becomes bright purple and the fog is burnt away. The heroes becomes insubstantial. Purple lights rise from all around the horizon. Space and time change

Running amok in Lomar

The golems have been controlled by somebody else. And have noticed us.

Ozzie suspects they have been released from the control they are under. Switch races up and stabs one, but finds it difficult to escape from their proximity, dodging blows, but not all of them. The clay blows cause Switch’s wounds to not heal in the normal way.

Ozzie pushes the golem away and then immobilises three of the golems and makes it difficult for the forth to move.

Memnnon calls down a daunting light on one of the warrior golems and then moves closer to the golem, as Switch strikes and tries to escape the golem’s blow and succeeds due to Tol’s timely arrows.

The golems escape from their immobilisation and move towards the heroes who are trying to escape through the door into the scholars tower.

A flashing burst of sunlight explodes outwards from Memnnon bathing the golem in Halav’s enduring light. Switch takes advantage and streaks across to stab the combat golem again. His blow lands, but doesn’t finish the tough creature off.

Another of the creature’s moves in and wallops the halfling, who is bleeding profusely. Ozzie teleports in to the rescue and teleports 2 of the golems away and the cleric and halfling closer to the door. He puts himself in harms way from the other golem’s and the use of his powerful magic prevents them from landing any blows on his body.

Tol causes the wind to howl around the courtyard, which pushes the enemy away. Switch escapes through the door, Althea also tries to get through the door, but doesn’t make it in time.

Switch sneaks up the stair and into the scholar’s tower… thee he sees to his horror that the scholar tower Star is slumped over his desk.

The remaining heroes move through the door and close it, whilst Ozzie charms the golems and they attack each other.

The door closes and then a golem moves up and opens the door against Althea trying to keep it closed.

Switch inspects the body of the Starsnd sees that he has been stabbed in the back…. with a Star’s knife.

Tol causes the winds to howl around the courtyard again pushing the golem at the door back and killing it, he then shoots another and shut it. Ozzie teleports down, locks the door and teleports back up the stairs.

It looks like the Star has been murdered by his apprentice, thus allowing the apprentice has now become the star.

Ozzie tells the team that the New star will be aware of the gate opening and that Memnnon should get Tenser’s floating disc ready.

Gareth is the Shadowfell’s spokesperson and negotiates for a decanter of endless water.

Already the people of the Shadowfell are having changes in behaviour, they are drifting a bit if they don’t have anything to do. A coping mechanism for many of these is self harm.

Taking out the towers

Entering the room, the heroes wipe out the defenders in the tower.

Looking up the shaft it is a lift above it. Tol feels he has seen this before, a small bit of Force energy

There is another recess in the ceiling of the opposite.

Switch races across and jumps onto the lift as does Memnnon and Ozzie. Althea is thinking as to how.

Ozzie feels that the structures were teleported into the area with beacons.

The lift rises up into the air to arrive into a corridor at the far end is a set of blinking crystals and a table. There is a sense of movement further ahead. It would appear that we have reached the main firing gemstone rather than the top gem. The heroes feel that this is the middle floor.

The flashing crystal does look like the guardians but set into the wall. Switch stealthily sneaks down to peer around the corner….. where he sees a Carnifex, an Obsidion golem and another crystal in the wall and three Carnifex type golems. They are all alert but not reacting as if they are aware of Switch’s presence.

Memnnon barrels around the corner and is missed by the Carnifex’s shot. Ozzie charms the creatures to go and attack the Carnifex.

The Crystalline defence fires at the heroes, missing., whilst the Obsidion guardian charges towards Memnnon, the troglefex charge in madly and Memnnon pushes them away as Althea burrows through and bursts out of the ground to wallop the Obsidion golem, missing but marks them all.

The Carnifex moves down and creates a correlating blast of energy allowing its creatures to get in amongst the party. It also sees that Memnnon is a cleric of t he immortals and marks him, the cleric retail items with fire.

Ozzie weaves the warp of the world to avoid the Carnifex’s blast of beyond before pushing the enemy back and putting up a wall of fire to block off some of the attacks.

Memnnon gets up and calls upon the wrath of his god agains the Carnifex. The Obsidion Golem charges into Althea knocking her over and then stamping in her, whilst the troglefex takes advantage of Althea’s proned state to bite her. She shakes her self and heals herself and stands up.

Tols arrows fly true, killing the golem, but missing the troglefex., whilst Switch dashes is to stab it before darting out of the way.

The Carnifex moves back in to beam the beyond at the wizard knocking him over and pushing him, however the wizard teleports back and tries to push the enemy back into the fire, but fails to push them back any further.

A troglefex next to Althea shifts to attack Memnnon, biting the cleric before being hauled back by the Elven warden, before she unleashes bursts of lightning and moves to protect the cleric.

More arrows fly and the halfling tumbles into the battle and backstabs the troglefex twice, before ducking back out of the melee, followed by the Carnifex, which swipes at the halfling and calls for its remaining troglefex to get through the wall.

Ozzie tries to transform the battlefield, teleporting one of the troglefex into the fire and moving Althea and Althea to flank the troglefex.

“When the stars are right and Galrgroth moves close we will have our victory” shouts the
Carnifex and then dies as Tol’s arrow strikes true into the Carnifex. Switch does an evasive backstab on the troglefex and over on to try and dismantle the trap.

Ozzie drops the wall of fire as the party line up to take out the last troglefex, except it’s not there. Ozzie teleports over to make sure it’s not coming up the lift to attack from behind.

The party moves down and Switch starts to dismantle the trap. Which he does with ease.

The lift returns to the level and everyone gets on and rises to the next level.

A reddish light floods the room from the ceiling and a similar one is directly in the centre of the room, with a crystal facing outwards.

Below the giant crystal is a controller type platform and rods and Obsidion blocks. There are several Carnifex Montgomery aggressively towards us

All the party attack each other as they come under the effect of the Carnifex’s spell. Then Switch runs up the side of the wall and over the top of the troglefex, taking a bite from one of them and then backstabs it back.

Ozzie teleports the Crystalline guardian to another place and dazes the Carnifex., whilst pushing the troglefex away from the party… although towards Switch, who shifts nimbly out of the way and across the battlefield…. and they still pursue him and bite him. Memnnon calls down the power of the sun and most of the battlefield explodes in bright light. At the same time Althea changes into a magma form and burrows through the ground to reappear next to the Carnifex

Switch escapes across the battlefield and Ozzie charms 2 of the troglefex salad the Carnifex to bite each other.

Ozzie is surprised to be attacked by an invisible assailant, which really hurts. Tol flies over to the bleeding halfling and exhales him to heal himself.

Memnnon turns diabolical and strides into the middle of the battlefield and unleashes a solar wrath against all the bad guys.

Flames ignite around the area from the Carnifex, which also burn Althea and she passes out.

Ozzie crushes and blinds across the battlefield and then teleports away from his invisible assailant. The troglefex bite each other.

Memnnon is bleeding profusely and is still being monstered by the bad guys and Tol is coming to the rescue with a healing word. Memnnon rises from the ruins of his own blood, as Tol’s twin strike, strikes true, killing the Carnifex and then turning his weapon against the troglefex, but misses. Memnnon stabilises and revives Althea who responds by lightning her back.

Ozzie is attacked by his invisible assailant, but his dagger saves him and teleports him to safety.

Memnnon is attacked by an invisible assailant which dazes and blinds him and spends some time healing himself and the shield of Halav flashes breifly removing his daze and blindness.

Althea moves forward and calls down lightning upon his enemies and Switch moves in and kills the large guardian, which explodes sending out shards in every direction. Ozzie notices a spec of blood on the invisible Carnifex and gives a shout, as it breaks cover and charges the wizard and bites the prone halfling on the way past, taking very large chunks out of the hapless halfling.

Memnnon calls down the healing of his immortal on himself and Switch, keeping them both in the fight, which is still not over. Althea strikes the Carnifex and gets a whack in return, causing the ground around it to form into rubble.

Switch springs up and stabs the Carnifex and then jumps off the side to avoid, whilst Ozzie pushes all the enemies away from him, including one over the side to keep Switch company. The Carnifex still comes back to bite Althea and the other troglefex comes back to ‘cuddle’ Memnnon, gives an inspiring shout and brings his mace down on its head and then retreats behind the wizard to create a healing circle. Switch suddenly appears at the top.

Tol unleashes a barrage of arrows against the Carnifex, doing massive amounts of damage, but still doesn’t kill it.

Althea calmly takes out a vine poultice and applies it, healing herself, distracting it while Switch sneaks up behind the Carnifex, kills it and dodges a whack of its tail of its dying throes. Ozzie tries to daze it but misses, Althea then smites it hard and kills it.

After a short rest, investigating the mechanics of the tower the heroes discover that the tower can be controlled and turned. The controls on the gem have been set up to maximise the burst of fire. We find that we can focus it elsewhere.

We also discover that we could flood the tower with energy and just destroy another tower. Althea realises that it is like a soul gem and that the power could be released sooner than it is currently set to.

Althea searches the body and finds some gemstones and coins and 2 clear gemstones which don’t seem to fit anything.

Ozzie and Switch gain control of the machine and also the force shield, turn it to face the other tower and lock down the wall of force over the tower.

Ozzie picks up the snow globes and can see the image of a Carnifex staring back… they are mobile Skype stones, Ozzie quickly turns away and covers them.

Althea and Ozzie set up the beam to fire before everything else. It looks like they are one shot devices.

Memnnon recalls that in the shadow realm dampens the beam of souls. We hatch a plan and gate back to the city of the scholars, to get dust from the shadow realm and covering the scholars star tower.

Arriving at the scholars tower we notice that the golems have red eyes not blue and shooting eye beams at masonry and hear screams from inside the city.

The last days of Lomar

The stars are intimately linked to the Stars. We don’t know what the critical number is, but need to work this one out.

The high priest of the artisan is very close to the Father of the dwarves and all things forging and smithing…. his job is to keep the golems going. He wants to know what the goal of the golems is during the evacuation.

120 fighting golems remain.

At several points along the walls are floating things attacking the wall. The heroes charge to the wall. As they arrive the citizens are moving away to. Tol rushes in to move the citizens away and puts himself in the line of fire.

Tol finishes off the first of the guardians and it explodes spraying shards of crystal in all directions.

Ozzie teleports the guardians into a heap so Althea can shake the earth against them, which hits them all.

The guardians hit back, blinding the emperor wizard and pushing him back, whilst Switch darts in to smash one whilst Memnnon calls down his god’s Solar wrath raining down radiant anger, exploding two of the guardians, which knock the cleric, the golem and Althea prime before healing himself and the wizard.

With a heroic effort Ozzie finishes off the final guardian. Tol changes the weather to a wind storm. And clears the view. Looking out the enemy has not encircled the city. In the distance are huge contructs with gemstones focusing at each tower. These must be the focuses that will fire the soul power at the star towers to break down the veil between realms.

After much discussion we choose the soldier gate tower to attack and summon eagles and then head out to get one of the towers. Tol’s nature estimate flies the group true to the tower.

Out of the fog looms a large squarish structure. It looks to be around 100 feet tall and 60 feet per side. Are marching around the side. Circling around the top is a yahog guardian. The structure is constructed out of bluish stone and gemstones. In the top is a bigger gemstone.

As we get closer the guardian reacts to our presence. Switch arrives first into the tower and lands on a Force wall, which almost causes him to lose his balance. Tol lands nearby and the guardian fires a ray at him. In response the troglodytes hear the guardian fire.

Ozzie gets closer and launches a storm pillar in the direction of the guardian. Memnnon flies in closer. Switch stabs the wall and notices that all the gemstones flicker as he damages the wall.

The guardian fires a bombard blast at the ranger and the Warden, which miss both of them. Memnnon slides the guardian behind the pillar and Althea steps up and wallops it with lightning.

Ozzie fall off his eagle and lands prone on the wall of force and is currently more than 75% intact. The gemstones around the outside are part of the enchantment. Ozzie also senses there is a doorway on the bottom.

Althea is pushed off the building and lands gently on the ground. To be attacked by the troglodytes, who he promptly starts to wipe out, before running around the corner.

Althea suddenly appears out of the mist with various javelins sticking out of him. Ozzie throws a colour orb which finishes off the guardian, but it’s shards slice into the hapless wizard. Memnnon stands up and heals Ozzie.

Ozzie studies the structure and learns there are controls inside the machine that will affect it. Then the force shield goes down.

The gem has been created with focusing soul energy, he also learns that it could be attuned to focus energy in another direction.

The tower needs to be shut down, the heroes fly down with Tol laying down covering fire, whilst Switch unlocks it and Memnnon goes in first.

The entire bottom floor is one large chamber. There are several creatures inside, troglodytes and some lizardary creatures. There are crates and various items. Some of the gemstones on the outside are also filtering light in. In the far corner 20 feet up is a hole in the ceiling with some sort of Force effect. Memnnon shouts stand down and stand aside our Carnifex masters demand it.

There is confusion on the creatures faces at this command. Outside the troglodytes are launching javelins, Althea jumps off the roof firing her crossbow at the enemy.

The hereoes charge in and Switch shuts the door behind them.

Abandon the city

Discussions of which Gate to go through continue. Tol identifies that the furrows in the plains were made by giant land sharks.

If there are big Land sharks, it is likely that it is an individual or a mated pair.

The council agree to go to the mountains, there is no confirmed deal for closing the gate.

Ozzie puts in place plans for his lineage as a regency for ‘his’ younger brother.

The hereoes go through the gate and appear in a steeply sloped snowy area, it is hard to see. There is a little corpse of pine trees and rocks.

It is cold, it not quite damaging cold…. yet It appears there is a reasonable amount of forest. Ozzie starts to create the ritual for the Eagles.

During the creation of the ritual Tol notices a number of dark shapes circling overhead…. more than one…

Ozzie cancel’s the ritual as two huge dragons land on either side of the heroes as they make towards the trees.

The creatures are more elemental than the white dragons the heroes are aware of. The second one is not so white, more rock and snow storm.

Memnnon steps forward to speak to the creatures telling them we come in peace.

The white dragon speaks in a howling winters gale..”where do you come from and why do you trespass on the realm of dragons?”

The second one says “you have already sent some of your people…. the fled, why are you trespassing back?”

Memnnon is keen to trade and to explains the predicament of Lomar . The two creatures discuss this, they are both slightly sceptical…. but they agree that we must fly to see the High Dragon.

Ozzie creates the eagles while Memnnon asks about the High Dragon, to which the only explanation he gets is, he is the high dragon and the epitome of dragonness.

The heroes fly for three hours before dark shapes resolve into jagged mountain peaks. The range of mountains is very very high. There are lots of dragons…. of all colours… they are much more primordial than what we are used to.

The mountain is gigantic. Some of it is artificial and the shape is of a stupendously large dragon. The heroes fly in through the mouth of the giant dragon. All around are stone benches built for dragons. There are a few black and white dragons around.

The heroes realise that there is a pleasant warmth in the cave. After an hour a small green dragon wanders down and offers them food. She wanders off and comes back with a haunch of some form of mountain beast.

A little while later…. and night is beginning to fall. There is a lot of excitement as a regiment of honour guard dragon fly in to announce the arrival of the High Dragon. He is not a big dragon, but one of great age. He gracefully lands and speaks to us in our heads. “I understand you seek my aid?”

Memnnon puts the case to the High dragon, who says he has been to Lomar before.

Much discussion ensues as to what the Kingdom of Dragons can do and the terms of this agreement. in the end it is agreed that:

  • the citizens of Lomar may stay in the realm of dragons for three days in a clearing in the forst set up by the dragons. they must not leave the clearing
  • They may bring weapons through but these must be burried for the duration of their stay- this only occurs after Switch intervenes in the discussion to ensure that the people of Lomar will be able to protect themselves after this time
  • The dragons will provide protection and food for the citizens during this time
  • The High Dragon will find a place for the citizens to move onto after three days – a large forest outside of the realm of dragons, to which the people of Lomar must go or else return to Lomar.

In the end the high dragon says walk with me and heads over to a door with a large room. On the way he shape shifts into a humanoid form.
In the room is a treasury, when he gets there he turns and says that regardless of our quibbling, I am aware that the future of our realm rests upon your success so I will provide you with additional resources. He crushes a number of gems and diamonds into Ozzie’s hand. Which amounts to around 50,000 gps worth of residium and he offers there heroes, any level 23 common or uncommon magic item.

He also expects to mobilise an army of dragons to mop up any remaining Carnifex.

Stepping back through the gate, it is midnight in Lomar. Morale has reduced slightly, it is hard to tell what has been going on.

After briefing the council Ozzie meets with the Stars. And discovers under detailed discussion that in order to secure the gates the Stars will need to sacrifice themselves as they are intrinsically tied to their gates. No one is particularly happy about this.

The lord of the Shadowfell

Switch rolls in to support Memnnon, stabbing the bone creature, dispatching it, but it collapses in an explosion of blood drops and bone shard showering Memnnon and stunning him.

Tol squeezes out of the side of the Lord of the Shadowfell and launches a twin strike at the creature.

Ozzie becomes insubstantial and moves out of the body of the creature before setting it on fire. The Lord of the Shadowfell teleports after the wizard trying to strike him, but misses, whilst Tol continues to fire at the giant shadow.

The earth shakes as Althea attacks, her attack causes thunder to rumble and necrotic energy lashes out at the brave elf.

The sword of the Lord of the Shadowfell continues to fly around, only hitting Althea, before going after the cleric. And pushing the hapless ranger into the wizard’s wall of fire. He staggers. Out of the fire.

Ozzie uses the Protean hourglass to speed up time and push the Lord into the fire again. The Lord teleports out of the fire and back next to the wizard, before tying to cut up the wizard, rogue and the cleric, missing them all. Ozzie teleports out of the way of the swinging shadow blade. Ozzie pushes it away before it teleports back in to attack the party

Switch slides behind the creature and backstabs it and dispatches the creature which explodes in all directions. There is an immediate change in the nature of the realm. It is less oppressive and not as empty.

Memnnon finishes his ritual and we feel that we have the realm. For a good while.

We set up the temple and agree who goes forward. The roster as to who goes and who stays has changed. The time goes smoothly.

It all works out that 1 hr in the real world is 1 day.

Whilst the temple is being created, there are a number of people coming through from other gates into the plan. They are mostly common people, they tend to be merchants. The merchants had come through and organised groups.

Ozzie goes to speak to the Merchants star to tell her it’s not safe. She closes the gate for Ozzie.

The second shift goes uneventfully, some of the people head out into the wilderness of The Shadowfell.

Shortly after midnight, there is word that there has been an incident, Switch discovers one of the lizardman being slaughtered by the crowd. It seems the lizardman have turned on the humans.

The Council meeting

It appears some of the Lizardkin attacked some women in the entertainment quarter and brutally butchered them.

The results of the scholars and stars research, the Star of the military Ward has been working on locking, controlling them remotely. It can’t be across realms. The scholars ward star has been developing an emergency collapse of the portals- currently this is catastrophic.

The emperor is looking weary, tired and unwell and passes out. Memnnon declares him dead….Ozzie’s is declared emperor.

On the walls, there is a bombardment of attack’s from the Guardian to conceal what appears to be a reinforcement around all sides of the city. There seems to be movement of large items of equipment.

Tol calls down a storm of control with sleet to make it uncomfortable for the Carnifex.

The people of the volcano, the lords of fire, sounds like they are efreet.

Day 2 of the seige

The heroes regroup and discuss how and who to take to the Feywild and put into Memnnon’s temple In the Feywild for an hour’s rest.

It is agreed that we should take 150 citizens of Lomar. We take some of the Stars, the Sages and some of the priests, as well as military.

The agreement is that we’ll go through get the temple set up. The Royal Star gives Ozzie his dagger, which may or may not be the same dagger. He explains There will be a couple of stone pillars and a rock platform on which the platform is built. They reckon the dust is made of the dead of millions and millions of people.

The Royal Star opens a door sized gate for the heroes to go through. Stepping through we can’t see any pillars. A dark grey dusty plan.

The heroes are in a vast desert of dust, vision is limited. There is a rock out crop. The place is dead, there is no sense of any form of life. It feels like is sucking the life out of you.

There are large bones sticking out, Ozzie approaches some large bones and feels there is a strong necrotic aura.

The sky’s is stormy and overcast…. a roiling grey. There are wisps and winds.

20 minutes into the ritual, Tol notices that rushing across the plane at great speed is a gaggle of humanoid ghostly shapes.

Tol identifies them as some form of undead spirit. Ozzie hails them in several languages, but to no avail. They coalesce around the undead bones. Switch hides and sneaks up with a hold.

One drifts up to Althea and then with large Sythes appear out of nowhere. The wraiths fly into feed on the heroes.

Ozzie unleashes a prismatic burst, destroying 4 of the wraiths, whilst the remaining ones flee his incredible power.

Twenty minutes later, the dust and sand around the heroes starts to churn and boil. There heroes move onto the stony secure ground. Switch is aware that something is burrowing through the ground. He stabs into the ground where it is boiling. Hauling itself out of the dust is a huge skeletal being which returns the favour to Switch.

The wraiths rise up out of the sand and attack, Tol unleashes a flurry of shots, taking out 50%. Ozzie pushes many of the wraiths back into the sand, before turning and lobbing a radiant colour orb at the skeletal creature.

Out of the centre appears the lord of the Shadow realm, who then teleports over to Ozzie, drawing a large sword of bound souls and brings it down against the wizard and the ranger. The skeletal creature moves away from Althea and around to flank the wizard.

Strange spectral bursts of blood come of the skeletal creature, hitting various members of the party stunning some of the party, including the wizard. Who is then sucked into its insubstantial form, along with the ranger.

Ozzie tries to communicate with the Lord of the Realm, but to no real effect.

The big feast

Switch and Memnnon go to the merchants quarter to meet with the merchants.

The buildings are reasonably fine residents, shops. There is a lot of traffic. The temple for the quarter is also the temple of Proteus. There are a lot of golems working here as well.

The area is well patrolled, and guards are requisitioning a lot of stuff.

The merchants guild house is a hive of activity. The mood is very very unhappy… the merchants are seeing everything being stripped from them. There are lots of people standing on soap boxes shouting about their problems.

Tal is the head of the merchants guild. He is shrewd man and obviously working out the opportunities. He takes Switch and Memnnon through to a private chamber and calls a

Jeepal and Custorian are his most trusted colleagues. Switch talks through the problems of the current situation. As the merchants guild their role will be pivotal in this, in terms of distribution of resources.

Jeepal chimes in that we are the most successful traders in the room. Memnnon knocks his mace on the table and tells him that the Carnifex will not be active in trading.

Tal takes control of the situation and takes the point. He is more cognisant of the situation and Custorian is quiet through the time. Memnnon finds her very difficult to read…almost inhumanly difficult to read. Her eyes narrow. Memnnon tries to attack, and she draws her head back with a longer neck than is normal. Switch reacts first to the danger and leaps across to backstab her. She spits venom at Switch, narrowly avoiding his eyes. Then she tries to escape.

Jeepal reacts and draws his sword and kills her. Her body rolls out through the door shocking the. People outside.

Jeepal reacts to say this puts things in a different light, Memnnon rouses the merchants. There is a mob charging into the plaza of immortals. They have come from the dark side and are shouting to be let through to see the emperor. There seems to be a small group of agitators.

Memnnon stands up and draws upon the power of the shield of Halav and calls upon, the people of Lomar. Switch tells them there is a plan to evacuate the city, that we are all in it together. He says to collect the resources together ready for evacuation. There is some muttering

She is very sad, it there is also a strong level of storms. A wonderful man, a bit scatty, coming to terms, phenomally brave, best warrior he has ever seen, Pol was a swordsman, spent so little time in the palace. Some of the army escaped to report back.

Eat with right hand, don’t discard stuff, offer to the slaves. The majority of friends in the armour, very close to his brothers wife, who is Princess Felent. Prince Belebane. Ozzie brother. He spent most of his time in the bright ward….in the entertainment quarter.

Prince Belebane resented being the younger brother, the princess is surprised when we tell her. As we ponder this there is great commotion and the guards are rushing to defend.

There is a mob coming we are going to turn them round your majesty
Princess Omarlith….

Ozzie casts the light of reality on the entrance to the feast and informs the emperor that they curtail the feast and share the remainder of the food with the people of the dark ward.

Memnnon’s suggestions goes down quite well. Fortunately no abberant creatures are detected. Switch picks up some muttering in corners about dissatisfaction with the emperor’s rule. There are a couple of high priests to talk to

There are six stars at the feast and a couple of commanding officers at the feast, but not the general.

Ozzie gets the oddest feeling that Gorana is coming onto Ozzie in a strange way. Ozzie gently rebuffs him.

In the merchants quarter Tol discovers where Custodian lives…. her quarters appear to be slightly run down. Tol knocks on the door and then tries to pick the lock… which he does. Althea doesn’t notice anyone paying attention to them and then they step inside.

They explore the building and notice some bright lights flashing out of the towers of the stars from the military ward and the scholars ward. Althea finds a body on one of the room…there is a terrified look on the body…. it’s not the Custodian, it is likely to be a high ranking servant of the household. Tol things the body has been dead for a week or more. They find three more servants in the building.

All the stars except the scholars and military ward are there. They are enjoying the meal. The high priests are interested in talking about getting people out. Memnnon notices a young woman who approaches him and looks to self assured, she has Proteus ward on her head and ring which she takes off to reveal herself as a tiefling.

Memnnon speaks to the tiefling, to say you are another one of the adventurers who Proteus has also sent. Her team has also been lost. She is relieved to see Memnnon. He explains the plan to her. They were just there to observe.

The Emperor’s Palace

The city has 10s of thousands of population with refugees

The biggest temple was to Ixion.

Most of the portals go to lands conquered by the Carnifex.

Proteus has been heard of , here is known as Menwara…. the high priest isn’t here today.

Memnnon explains what The Carnifex plan to do.

The royal family looks shocked, the general is sceptical and the high priest. The 5 stars are also muttering in the huddle.

You have given us a lot to think about.

Some citizens from the bright ward come demanding more food and more guard patrols. We need more protection.

All the weapons are bronze, but enchanted.

Stars are sent off to investigate the gates

The priests are sent off to find out why they weren’t warned.

The emperor is concerned

The royal court and the military courts portals weren’t targeted.

In order to evacuate the city it would take 8-10 hours.

This is the last stand for Lomar. There are three obelisks…
The scholars.

The alarm bells sound, the emperor sighs and says you will find this attack at the merchants quarter.

There are military out in front on the walls. A mass of figures are moving across the churned battlefield towards the walls. An army of zombies is shambling towards the walls. At the back of the mass army there is a knot of Carnifex around a thing that appears to be controlling the zombies.

Ozzie summons his eagles and the heroes fly out to engage the enemy.

There is a priestly type Carnifex and some snakey priests, along with a pile of troglodytes. Behind them are lines and lines of captured captives.

At 400 feet away the Crystalline structures open up at the heroes and Tol returns fire, disrupting the strike.

Switch opens up as the heroes zoom in and takes out a minion, the guardians fire at Switch, but he darts around the beam which harmless deflect if him.

Ozzie unleashes wrath of battle and cause the creatures to attack the Crystalline structure, his attack is too much for one of the frogs, whose head explodes. Switch fires.

The Crystalline structures bombard the heroes, hitting Memnnon’s eagle as he teleports away from the damage. The remaining heroes land and complete the attack on foot.

Tol heads in starts taking out the minions.

The lizards priests heads over and stands behind his altar, firing a ray of cold at the ranger who dodges it.

The Carnifex gestures strange purplish beams at the cleric. Ozzie flies in uses his crushing fist to attack the Carnifex and the golem.

Ozzie shields himself from the attack of the guardians. Tol marks the Carnifex for death with a single shot, killing it.

Althea flies in and shakes the earth and hunkers down to complete the battle.

Memnnon heads in and unleashes an attack as Ozzie and the hourglass unleashes his twist of space and teleports the enemy into a heap next to Althea before launching a radiant prismatic burst. Switch sneaks in and finishes off the guardian, dodging the flying shards of crystal as it explodes.

Tol fires a twin strike at the worm priest hitting him with both shots, whilst Althea burrows underground and reappears next to the wyrmpriest and the grouped enemies, there is the rumble of thunder as she brings her quarterstaff to bear.

Ozzie and Memnnon realise that the altar is a focus for the mind control of the slaves. Ozzie charms the golem and the worm priest to attack each other, and the priest kills the golem. Switch charges in over the altar and fluffs his attack, but the ranger shoots true at the Wyrm priest and then shifts and vanishes again, whilst Althea staggers around blinded.

The priest glares at Althea and stops her from attacking it, she is rooted to the ground and then tries to flee, but Memnnon chases after it and strikes it hard with his mace and the power of Halav.

Ozzie. Over in and teleports the enemy priest back to Memnnon so he can have another go and blows the crystalline guardian up, which explodes and blows him over.

The fight against the wyrm priest continues as it resists. Tol finally finishes it off with a flurry of arrows. He then runs along the front of the slaves rousing them to victory….. but there is no response. Althea studies the slaves and believes there is some sort of mental control. Memnnon and Ozzie head over to the altar. Memnnon leaps onto the altar and learns that it is focusing a ritual from elsewhere. He realises he needs to destroy the altar, through religious knowledge, arcane knowledge or thievery, he then leans down and concentrates, Ozzie tries to use his arcane knowledge, but is pushed back from the altar.

Meanwhile the zombies and the army of the Carnifex are moving towards the heroes.

The surface could of the altar is starting to crumble, Ozzie teleports over and destroys the altar. The people look up and Althea notices that the zombies are piling on towards towards the city…. he can see beams of bluish light flashing out amongst the enemies.

The heroes rally the slaves and head back to the city. Althea and Ozzie ride air cover to prevent the Carnifex coming after them.

The city golems have come out from the city and are taking out the zombies. Some of the soldiers are crying, there is a cheer from the city as we get around 50-60 back to the city.

We return to the city. Memnnon, Tol and Switch go to the temple of Menwara (Proteus), whilst Ozzie and Althea go to see the Stars.

The temple of Menwara is obviously that of Proteus, tridents, shells and a salty tang in the air. The temple is dimly lit. There is a haven of peace and calm. Memnnon approaches an acolyte seeking audience with the high priest. The acolyte says he has gone to the dark ward to help as best he could.

“If only we could get a good nights rest.” Pordallion is asked to pass a message to the high priest.

Memnnon and Tol go to pray…..they recall that he will be younger than he was when and he will know to do something when it all goes bang. They pray and it all gets very warm which is a bit unpleasant, effort they get a voice in their heads.

“ I feel I should know you, but I don’t, my mark is upon you, it only I can put this mark on you…indeed a puzzle.”

Memnnon tells the immortal the story so far. Proteus riffles through their memories and queries as to whether he would do that and also had not anticipated that they would destroy the world…. Proteus tells them that this would mean the end of the Carnifex. Switch asks which land eh would recommend to send them through to safety…. he suggests that they may find somewhere. Proteus says he needs to get some immortal support to help him out, he also thinks about who to ask about destroying the portals…. Odin is suggested as the best person to ask about destroying the portal.

This is a very interesting exercise in free will vs predetermination. Proteus disappears.

Ozzie and Althea go to the Royal Ward to the royal portal. As they travel, there are very grand buildings, they are there diplomatic embassies and now a lot of reuse of the buildings for food and refugees. There are harried people rushing backwards and forwards. There is. A strong military presence.

In front of the tower, which is octagonal, without a door. There are four stone archways which appear to go nowhere at all…. it can be seen through to the other side of the portals… looking onto buildings on the other side.

Looking through the door is someone who is a receptionist. The bottom floor seems to take up the entire tower. She is dressed in plainer.

We head up stairs to the top landing and enter to see one of the older Stars, who is looking at parchments and stone tablets.

There are eight walls of which four have windows whilst the other four have archways which are also portals.

The Royal Star updates the prince on the dangers and he has been trying to think what we could do.

He is trying to find out how to safely permanently close them, simply destroying them could have the same. Slamming them shut may not be a good idea.

The main portals which were attacked by the Carnifex, we do it disabuse the notion, but to go to a particular tower.

The Royal Star draws forth his dagger and is mumbling to create a specialised form of linked portal, the dagger creates a beam into the wall and a portal opens into the blasted ruins of a city beyond…. a sea of bones, tromping through them are large Carnifex and to one of the continents.

Ozzie asks how he can help…. the Royal Star has idea of where to find somewhere to rest. Tol will recall that traditionally going to the Feywild, a short time could be weeks, whereas in the Shadowrealm it goes….

It is the shadowrealm we need to go to.

The vast majority of these are potentially safe or are occupied lands. There is a gate locked to the shadowfell. There is a vast desert there. B

There would be several hours to remove the population.

Do you trust all the other Stars asks Althea. There is pressure from the merchants who are keen to keep the gates. The Royal Star suspects that the dark side was a convenient place for them to get through, but he will consider this.

The search for the high priest of Proteus….. Switch and Memnnon search for the high priest. They see a large group of refugees, there are arguements and fights and a huge rock crashes over the wall. Rushing towards the rock they see the high priest with a huge trident.

They approach and he studies the Memnnon checking the horns. He asks what he can do to help. Switch tells them about their plans and he asks if the priests can assist, Manwara suggest the sea… obviously. Well what is that you want to say?

Memnnon tells them about where they have come from and he is not really surprised. He does believe us, but thinks it is a strange situation.

There will be many who take ill of the thought of leaving Lomar.

The Island in the middle of the sea

There is something happening in the world…. what was once unknown is now becoming known.

When the heroes are finally ready Proteus reappears before the party, transferring them to his watery world.

I hope you are ready, your boat is ready, I propose you travel to the location of Lomar and then use the hourglass to go back to the right time.

Tol asks if we have a choice as to what time we as to the time. Proteus tells him, that he has set the hourglass to a time he has chosen…. about 3 days. He suggests we do not delay longer than a day.

Ozzie asks about what they are trying to do. Memnnon reminds the party that the aim is to overload the portals. Our job is to stop the portals being destroyed.

Ozzie recalls that the Gatekeepers are about limiting the use of the portals and that they are the key to the problem.

Ozzie realises that the bit between portals is the beyond. Can we move Lomar in space or time?

We find ourselves on the Pride of Dymrak, already to sail. It has been upgraded to travel on its own.

The ritual has create portal chart and there are charts in the cabin for Specularium, Threshold, Thyatis City, Ravenscarp, and a small island in the ocean somewhere…. Lomar.

Each chart costs 100gp worth of Residium to create.

We set sail…. a big storm rises up and encircles the Pride of Dymrak, which remains rock steady, a very short time later, the storm abates and we are in an open ocean, in the distance there is a smalll island. Proteus suddenly comes back into our mind…. I would suggest you park the boat a good distance away from the Island… so if the island reappear the Pride won’t be in the sea any more.

The island is scrubby, but there are some bits of rubble which appear to be old buildings.

The heroes steer their vessel away to clear the of the island when it rises out of the sea. A luminous dolphin appears swimming in front of the vessel, until we are in an appropriate place.

Lightning strikes from a clear sky encircling the party in a greyish silver sphere. We appear in a muddy plane, with a loud noise. Ozzie is overwhelmed by the raw feeling of arcane power. He feels that he may be able to take advantage of this in some way.

Looking around the colours are brighter and more vibrant. Underneath all of this Tol and Memnnon feel a dull throbbing of psychic pressure, they feel that taking long rests may be difficult. This feels like and outside influence is affecting it.

There are huge divots out of the mud and rocks… to the right is a city wall and to the left there is an army of beings heading towards the city. The sound of battle assails our senses. There is a large gate and a tall tower.

Over towards the city there is a horn blast and from the army there is a roaring snarling bark, which Memnnon recognises them as instructions…. in Y’hog. “Spies, get them.

The heroes flee towards the wall, two bright lights shine behind us…. the Crystalline blast hits Althea and misses Ozzie, bouts of mud fly up.

A body of humanoids are advancing in an ordered manner out of the gate.

The Crystalline guardians and a mass of troglodytes are charging towards the heroes and a Carnifex with a bony shield and horns on its head is controlling the army.

Tol fires his bow over his shoulder at one of the Crystalline structures to cause it to miss.

Now close enough to the infantry, Memnnon calls out to them to say we are on your side. The infantry stop and form a phalanx, to the side are archers. The heroes stop turn and fire at the oncoming army, before heading into the city.

The soldiers have a Mediterranean hue to them, they wear bronze helmets, white tunics, a bronze armour crickets.

We are ushered into the walls of the city. The city looks like it has already taken a battering. The gates are held open by large clay golems, shutting the gates after the infantry come in.

Memnnon greets the soldiers challenge and then The soldier turns and gasps as he sees Ozzie. “Prince Polthea I’m so sorry I didn’t recognise you.” Ozzie returns the response butisn’t understood, so fakes his voice being lost and Memnnon steps in. The soldier says I shall take you to your father immediately. The heroes go a,long with this.

Travelling through the city, the buildings are old fashioned and have taken a beating. There are a lot of people running back and forwards. Golems are moving materials around. There is a lot of magical activity occurring in some ways.

At the centre of the Plaza of immortals is a tower with a gemstone on the top. At the plaza of the immortals there are people who are looking haggard tired and hungry and yet the appearance of Ozzie has brought some hope to them. There are people caring for sick and injured people.

During a short rest Ozzie can absorb some of the arcane energy and in the first round has a +2 to hit and damage.

Entering the palace there are guards and also military golems around the place. Again there is a buzz as they realise that Prince Pol is back. Ozzie goes to a gardrobe and casts comprehend languages on himself to understand. Entering the palace room there are several people in the room looking around.

There is the emperor, a Young woman, a young man who is a splitting image of the emperor. There are 6 people in wizardly ceremonial robes and three priests and some artisan types and some scholarly types and a lizardman.

When the emperor sees Ozzie he stands taller and the year. Ozzie greets his father and is also embraced by the younger human.

The people in the room are

Emperor Eric Salt h the third
pols wife Princess Omalith
The emperor’syoungest son Prince Sidon
General Moliff the military
Ziti the lizard kin
All the stars can’t be here at the moment. But there are some of them present

Ozzie has a wierd feeling looking at the Stars, as hung at her waist is a dagger that appears exactly like the dagger that Ozzie has lost….

The three high priest

There is an elderly man who looks hale and hearty, he has a patch over one eye…. he is probably a priest of Odin. Another has a sunburst symbol with of Ixion and a the heart with a rose… Valerius… the girder of protection.

There are also representatives from the merchants and the scholars guild.

The siege continues… over 30 days. The city is overwhelmed by refugees. Moliff the general says they are playing with us, they aren’t even trying to come in.

They have tried to get in through the portals, which we have now locked down. We believe to have caught all the infiltrators. The infiltrators have come from…

There are increasing moments of discontent in certain quarters, that we should make peace with the Carnifex.

When the infiltrators came through the portals and then

There is a huge obelisk on the on the far side of the army is probably affecting us.

All forms of traditional govt suspended.

Izondian lizards… they helped us.

When Ozzie tells the emperor where they have come from. The lizardman is impressed. Ozzie also thanks the lizardman for his kin’s support in aiding their escape.


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