A new dawn

The heroes awake in the Jungle. After a discussion of the strange dreams, they head over to the large slab. It is discernible to make out the tower of knowledge, but the hole is going directly into the temple.

It is fairly clear we are at the same city that our dreams were based.

The muscly boys and girls eventually manage to slide the stone slab to one side, revealing a black rectangle of darkness with steps descending down. There is a faint smell of rich herbs and spices reminiscent of ages past underneath the stinger dank odour.

Kathka throws a sun rod down the stairs and the rogue follows stealthy after. There is a slight breeze flowing through the complex and some strange clicking or moaning, which the dwarf suspects that there might be something living down there.

As the heroes continue down they start to feel a sense of de ja vue. There is a faint light coming from the chamber… This starts to feel more and more familiar. The room opens out to a large chamber is lit by starlight, which turn out to be luminous lighting. Around the sides in alcoves there are the mummified remains of over 20 reptilian creatures.

Memnnon seems to recall that the stars are the same as from his dream… But they aren’t quite right for now. As we enter the alcove we notice that some of the mummified remains are moving!

As the hereoes enter the chamber, the weight of ages imposes a feeling of despair on the party.

One of the creatures emits a despairing wail, which weakened the heroes and then slams into the halfling, the others shamble out of their alcoves and attack!

The rogue shouts focus on them one at a time and rushes around to stab the one confronting Kathka, who smashes the creature with a reckless strike.

The battle continues, as with burst of radiant and necrotic energy fly around amidst a flurry of swords and claws. Kathka is at the centre of the battle, heroically holding the mummies close to her to prevent her allies being harmed by them. The mummies duly turn their energies onto trying to defeat her, but they are finished off before they can kill her.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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