A night on the tiles

Tower of green horrors

Switch peers into a narrow pantry through some unlocked shutters, before athletically and very quietly swinging into the room.

Inside ar a number of barrels of valuable liquor, which he can’t unfortunately put in the bag of holding. He moves over to the door and gentle opens it to find himself in the kitchen. He quickly and quietly goes through the kitchen and discovers a locked door, which opens to his skills. He opens out into a wide circular staircase and hall, down

Meanwhile inside the tower, the party loots the bodies and finds 60gp of primarily Thyatian coins. It would appear they have deliberately removed anything that would identify them.

Tol leads the way up the stairs, as he goes up he feels the air getting warmer and more humid and emerges into a chamber which has similar moonlight coming from the dome. Whilst it is obvious we are not at the top of the tower, there is no on is way to go up.

There is the quiet… Or comparatively loud chirruping of crickets and insects. Across the far side of the foliage can be sent a spiral staircase leading further up the tower.

The entire floor is soil and under one of the large bushes is the body of one of the Ebon Key. What is slightly odd is that there is the subtle swaying of the vegetation, despite it all being inside. Tol is slightly uneasy, he feels that there might be a sentience of the plants similar to that in the Feywild. Tol peers at the body and the lovely aroma draws him in closer…. The flowers bend down to allow him a better whiff and he succumbs to the aroma….. Rootlets start to caress his skin and suck his life out…

On the rough path there are footprints in the soil.

Tol comes round and notices that he has succumbed to a White Lotus plant. He quickly crawls back to the party.

Ozzie teleports into the room, past the White Lotus Plant and is hit by a number of things. He notices that there is an arcane suppression of fire and fire magic in here, whilst a large piece of plant life tries to get to Ozzie, several tendrils from the ground arch up and try grab Ozzie, he quickly teleports away from the grasping tendrils. He reappears on the staircase and surprises and is surprised by a member of the Ebon key, who then scarpers further up stairs.

Switch moves through the building and comes through a door into a large open area, down from the balcony he is standing on he can see a number of bodies… none of them appear to be his comrades. He thinks they have been a bit careless leaving some many bodies lying around, before quietly moving up the stairs… where he is confronted by a horned devil ready to mash his skull in with its mace…. oh, its actually Memnnon! The cleric quickly brings the halfing up to speed.

Switch and Kathka light up the Pipeweed, before Kathka tries to move through the forest, in an effort to avoid the effects of the White Lotus PLant, however it’s drowsing aroma still overcomes her.

Across the room,Ozzie pushes the Ambush plant away and opens an arcane gate to take the heroes past the defences of the jungle. Tol charges through the portal to secure the vanguard, he moves up and away from the stairs, crouches and listens for the enemy. He hears movement in the dark and fires his arrows into the darkness, striking home with his second arrow. Further more the half elf hears the buzzing of insects which attack the ranger, biting and crawling all over himOzzie_garden.png

Back in the forest room, the Ambush plant moves back and attack Ozzie again. The wizard is bleeding from several wounds and has green poison dripping around them. Another Ambush plant springs up out of the ground next to Memnnon and tries to grab him with its Spiney leafy tendrils.

Memnnon and Switch cover their mouths and noses before moving to recover Kathka, the Tiefling also succumbs, whilst the halfling holds his breath, moves over and drags the prone dwarf back towards the gate. Before returning to get the cleric and dragging him through the wizard’s gate.

Ozzie retreats back through the gate to lick his wounds, leaving the dazed Ranger to fend for himself against the buzzing insects. He thinks there are a lot of insects around him as he gets up.

The Ambush plant reaches up and around the staircase to attack the heros on the stairs, digging their spines and thorns into their bodies and sucking their life blood from their bodies. Then the tendrils withdraw. Switch reeks revenge against the plant, slashing and dicing its tendrils. Another Assasin Vine wraps its tendrils around the halfling, whilst the prone Tielfing fires a lance of faith at the plant.

Meanwhile Tol, sensing someone standing nearby, is hit by a jet of insects that bite and burrow into is flesh.

Ozzie goes through the arcane gate and up the stairs be surprised by a Ebon Key like feature appear, ripping open the space time continuum and slashin at the wizard as he moves past. The creature then grows another two arms with scimitars. And chases after Ozzie with its swirling blades. The wizard teleports out of the way.

Kathka charges up the stairs, sees the oil lamps at the top of the stairs and lights them with her fiery ring, let’s go of the dancing sword to attack the creature with the four arms, striking it. Across the room another creature unleashes another blast of scarab beetles towards Tol

As Ozzie maintains the arcane gate the arcane Assasin teleports to the wizard and attacks him, Ozzie pushes the creature away, but it charges across the battle field after the wizard. It appears the creature was once human. It slashes at the wizard grinning and says “the longer you take down here, the more secrets we get upstairs.”

Memnnon shouts at the halfling to follow him as he dashes up the stairs to heal the hapless ranger. Switch leaps to his feet slices at the vine that is after him, it writhes and spawns two minor weeds, which Switch slides and fades out and up the stairs. Kathka charges across the room, releasing his dancing sword against the arcane Assasin, hitting it and lighting the nearby lantern.

Tol notices a swarm of creatures coming out from under the doorway and attack Tol. Memnnon.

Ozzie maintains the wall of fire and is attacked by the arcane Assasin, which stabs him again, striking a devasting blow, his last act is to teleport closer to the cleric. The Assasin then moves upstairs. Memnnon strikes and misses, but heals the dying wizard, to which he is extremely grateful. The Teifling teleports out of trouble away from the insectoid necrotic creature, which collapses into a pool of beetles and reforms to attack the wizard, but misses and then scuttles off to go after the halfling.

Ozzie calls for the heroes to head up to the next floor, Memnnon beds the call and heads on up the stairs, lighting his mace on the way. At the top he sees the Arcane Assasin, steps forward and strikes it with his mace.

Back down stairs the heroes battle buzz Assasin striking it again and and again. Ozzie pushes it into the wall of flame and Tol fires a volley of arrows at them before heading upstairs to support Memnnon. The cleric calls down divine retribution against the arcane Assasin, killing it, it’s last cry is to say “We still win”

Switch draws his bow and takes careful aim and fires into the flame hitting the creature. In the flames it pulls insects off its self and launches them at the wizard.

Tol goes to one of the doors and listens at one to hear a buzzing scuttling sound, whilst Memnnon goes to the other lighting the torch as he goes past. He doesn’t hear anything. So they decide to go and take out the buzzing creature next door.

The larva assassin bites Kathka and then is pushed into the wall of fire, he then teleports up stairs for clerical assistance, which he duly receives.

Memnnon opens the door to see a room with a balcony and a larva assassin who is looking at the assorted scrolls on the bench. Tol lets loose with his splintering shot, while the diabolic cleric moves into the room to confront it. He extols the virtues of his deity and calls down a daunting light on his insectoid enemy.

Meanwhile, downstairs the other larva assassin is going in and out of the wall of fire and being whacked by Kathka and Switch, but it’s not going away.

Kathka’s hit kills the creature but not before it sends some form of message to its colleague upstairs. Upstairs the other insect dissolves into a swarm of insects and tries to to escape with a book, but can’t get it through before it makes its escape.

Memnnon collects the book the insects were trying to escape with. It appears to Deb a hand written journal of some description.

The rooms are a bedroom and a sitting room for quiet contemplation. In the bedroom there is a chest and in and amongst the clothes is a small steel box, which has a simple catch on, which contains a couple of lady’s earrings of white gold in an arboreal image and a chunky mans bracelet. These are worth 26,000 GPS which Switch pockets without the knowledge of anyone else in the room.

The wizard teleports up to the next room and is fascinated by the scrolls and ledgers. The vast majority of the scrolls are on botany. Ozzie discovers that the fungus are likely to be ambulatory and might even be intelligent. He does say that care needs to be taken around them.

Tol heads out onto the balcony and discovers a Mychanid creature which shuffles towards him. It picks up a staff like and says ‘I am Bob.’

Upstairs there is a great intelligence which is upstairs and is from another place. There is also another of the red robes up there. Be careful of the violet fungi, the puff balls. Be careful of the Carrion King. Generally the bio luminescent are OK to stand next to.

Memnnon casts shield of faith on the party and charges up the stairs to get the red robed Ebon Key. At the top he triggers Shrieker which lets out a piercing screech, which sounds the alarm. He continues across the room, but suddenly rising up out of the hubris is the Carrion King. Memnnon notices that radiant powers will be dampened here. In his head he hears an old,wise voice speaks to him “why do you try to hurt me? I could hurt you if I wanted to.” Memnnon falls to the ground.

Tol coming up after approaches the creature and speaks to it. Tol asks after the red robed one and the Carrion King indicates the body lying at his feet. Switch gently drags the Red robed creature’s pouch, which contains some coins and ebon key and. Decaying parchment which contains a crude sketch of the heroes and green crystal octahedron.

The crystal is a portable port is called Forories Gate, which is charged by a healing surge per day.

A conversation with the Carrion King, suggest that the Ebon Key robed man was very interested in the caves in the jungle,new agree to get him free.

Up stairs, what should be a gorgeous lush glass house is a scene of rot and decay, there appears to have been a poisonous soil, which now appears to be losing its venom.

Tol suspects that the Carrion King may have some connection to the

Memnnon climbs back to his feet and apologises to the Carrion King


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