A Strange Dream

You feel an intense pain as your soul flies out of the shell it has occupied for the last few hours. You wonder with regret who the body belonged to that you were somehow able to borrow; you’ll never know for sure, but the disruption of the ritual must be some sort of justice for their brutal death as a Carnifex sacrifice.
You rush up through the ground, spirit flying free, and see the unfamiliar shape of the continents. Vast streams of purple energy arc towards a location off to your right from various points around the lands, but not, you note with pride, from below you.
Then you rush faster and there is a feeling of moving through time as well as space. A deep voice echoes in your head. “You have done well. I was/will be able to protect Lohmar now, but she still needs your help”. There is a sense of something huge swimming past you, a vast intelligence, then you awake to the humid jungles you fell asleep in, desperately holding onto the dream you just had.

(You are all able to remember a lot about your dream. Was it real or a vision? You may never know. Be aware that there was probably a lot of helpful information in it, as well as ominous foreshadowing, or should that be backshadowing?)


misterc misterc

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