Abandon the city

Discussions of which Gate to go through continue. Tol identifies that the furrows in the plains were made by giant land sharks.

If there are big Land sharks, it is likely that it is an individual or a mated pair.

The council agree to go to the mountains, there is no confirmed deal for closing the gate.

Ozzie puts in place plans for his lineage as a regency for ‘his’ younger brother.

The hereoes go through the gate and appear in a steeply sloped snowy area, it is hard to see. There is a little corpse of pine trees and rocks.

It is cold, it not quite damaging cold…. yet It appears there is a reasonable amount of forest. Ozzie starts to create the ritual for the Eagles.

During the creation of the ritual Tol notices a number of dark shapes circling overhead…. more than one…

Ozzie cancel’s the ritual as two huge dragons land on either side of the heroes as they make towards the trees.

The creatures are more elemental than the white dragons the heroes are aware of. The second one is not so white, more rock and snow storm.

Memnnon steps forward to speak to the creatures telling them we come in peace.

The white dragon speaks in a howling winters gale..”where do you come from and why do you trespass on the realm of dragons?”

The second one says “you have already sent some of your people…. the fled, why are you trespassing back?”

Memnnon is keen to trade and to explains the predicament of Lomar . The two creatures discuss this, they are both slightly sceptical…. but they agree that we must fly to see the High Dragon.

Ozzie creates the eagles while Memnnon asks about the High Dragon, to which the only explanation he gets is, he is the high dragon and the epitome of dragonness.

The heroes fly for three hours before dark shapes resolve into jagged mountain peaks. The range of mountains is very very high. There are lots of dragons…. of all colours… they are much more primordial than what we are used to.

The mountain is gigantic. Some of it is artificial and the shape is of a stupendously large dragon. The heroes fly in through the mouth of the giant dragon. All around are stone benches built for dragons. There are a few black and white dragons around.

The heroes realise that there is a pleasant warmth in the cave. After an hour a small green dragon wanders down and offers them food. She wanders off and comes back with a haunch of some form of mountain beast.

A little while later…. and night is beginning to fall. There is a lot of excitement as a regiment of honour guard dragon fly in to announce the arrival of the High Dragon. He is not a big dragon, but one of great age. He gracefully lands and speaks to us in our heads. “I understand you seek my aid?”

Memnnon puts the case to the High dragon, who says he has been to Lomar before.

Much discussion ensues as to what the Kingdom of Dragons can do and the terms of this agreement. in the end it is agreed that:

  • the citizens of Lomar may stay in the realm of dragons for three days in a clearing in the forst set up by the dragons. they must not leave the clearing
  • They may bring weapons through but these must be burried for the duration of their stay- this only occurs after Switch intervenes in the discussion to ensure that the people of Lomar will be able to protect themselves after this time
  • The dragons will provide protection and food for the citizens during this time
  • The High Dragon will find a place for the citizens to move onto after three days – a large forest outside of the realm of dragons, to which the people of Lomar must go or else return to Lomar.

In the end the high dragon says walk with me and heads over to a door with a large room. On the way he shape shifts into a humanoid form.
In the room is a treasury, when he gets there he turns and says that regardless of our quibbling, I am aware that the future of our realm rests upon your success so I will provide you with additional resources. He crushes a number of gems and diamonds into Ozzie’s hand. Which amounts to around 50,000 gps worth of residium and he offers there heroes, any level 23 common or uncommon magic item.

He also expects to mobilise an army of dragons to mop up any remaining Carnifex.

Stepping back through the gate, it is midnight in Lomar. Morale has reduced slightly, it is hard to tell what has been going on.

After briefing the council Ozzie meets with the Stars. And discovers under detailed discussion that in order to secure the gates the Stars will need to sacrifice themselves as they are intrinsically tied to their gates. No one is particularly happy about this.


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