Aboard the Son of Amber

We are invited aboard the Alphation flying ship.

There are 12 magic marines, along with the the ships captain and his lieutenants.

A search of the bodies to indicate that the Ebon Key humans were from Ravenscar.

The remains of the old city continue to collapse into itself, with obsidian pylons rising up.

Zorath says “my prince why is everyon so interested in you?” The rest of the party looks mystified – how could this grumpy wizard be a prince?. Ozzie tells his colleagues about his royal background through his mother’s lineage

There is a right royal buffet laid on, with lots of food and drink.

There is the impression over the meal that Zarathustra warms to everybody except Kathka and Switch, due to their lack of magical ability.

It is believed that only magic users in Alphatia can rule. The crew is mostly human, but there is an elf and halfling.

The ship appears to be a pleasure craft that has been converted to a scout ship, rather than a war ship.

The ship is heading towards Ravenscar, but the flying ship won’t go to close as it will be regarded as an act of war.

Zorath tells the heroes over dinner that things are getting worse within the world at large, particularly between Glantri and Alphatia. Since we have been away Alphatia wizards have appeared in Glantri and destroyed parts of the city.

Thyatis has accused Alphatia of an act of terror.

The Alphatioan response to Thyatis was that we had nothing to do with it. Check the news and rumours section for this.

Zorath is certainly interested in teaching at Ozwarts in the future. He is quite appreciative of what has occurred there, although also observes that it could be improved upon.

We discover that that there are Mintrad guildsmen and Thyatian ships on the way to find the heroes. The official rumours are that we are in possession of treasure to make nations rich and powerful beyond their dreams. That duke Stefan is behind it all. Which is not entirely wrong

Blood magic is how the Alphatians found Ozzie, although it is not clear whose blood was used…. It becomes clear that Koala was disinherited when she fled with Wombat. Why Zorath has come looking for Ozzie is a long story and not completely clear. It is clear that Ozzie is among a number of ’prince’s who may lay claim to the throne of Amber. It turns out that the current heir to the throne has has been away from the palace for several years. Ozzie sees this as fitting his theory that agents of the Beyond have been infiltrating every nation’s society for millenia.


Time stops as the heroes are spoken to…. heroes you have done well… and have done great deeds in the past and now. It turns out that Proteus… god of the sea and of time. Proteus tells us that the Carnifex were trying to destroy the city of 8 stars…. or rather Lomar…. the carnifex wished to break open the portals of the city to split the realm and

Lomar still exists in its own space, set up and protected by Proteus.. Mortals would see nothing but Proteus would be able to see it as a crystal dome.

Proteus would like us to find an artefact that would allows us to travel back in time to Lomar, to rescue it.

The artefact is an hour glass, which Proteus knows where it is. It is held in an enchanted ziggurat.

The thing we see in the heavens is called Gorath the destroyer and has been wreaking havoc across time and space.

Why should the 8 gates be closed asks Tol. proteus isn’t sure, but it may not be that they need closing. His wards are failing and he needs heros to help. There was some trade to other realms.

Is this a battle between the natural and the unnatural? Yes which is why Proteus.

Tol has already started on the road to immortality to becoming a god hunter

It is arranged for Proteus

Proteus is much more important than Halav, and Kronos is above Proteus.

Proteus is aware that there are immortals behind the scenes squabbling about what it means about being an immortal. Alphatia is an immortal in her own right, a very peaceful immortal.

Alphatia has a council of around 1000 30th level wizards, who can’t work out what the problem is. The queen wanted instant deaths for the killers of Toinel….wiser heads prevailed.

A benign voice echoes through the heroes

How do we go about Gettign Alphatia. Involved. Zorath will try to pull a few favours on the council.

Zorath offers to explain to the council, but they will be difficult to convince. What we need to get people to believe is that the far realm is trying to get into the realm.

Ozzie following a useful insight from Memnnon, decides to teach Zorath the ritual of the Beyond.

The Gatekeepers are a key


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