After the Reading

The group discuss the images Ozzie has experienced through his object reading. THey decide to try and seek out the Smithy who created the keys. If Ozzie can point him out to the authorities they can then investigate the cult whilst the heroes continue on the mission into the jungle. They discuss their plan of action for the next day and then drink heavily.

11th Ambyrmont
Next morning Ozzie and Kathra head off to see the Sage. Tol goes shopping, Switch and Memnon go back to pick up their adventuring certificate.

Tol finds naturally coloured feathers, not like his dyed feather. He also takes a shine to some big trousers with puffy blooms. He keeps watch for anyone who may be following him, nothing appears amiss so he sits on a terrace and smokes pipe weed and drinks coffee, people watching.

switch walks up to Hazgee to get his permit. He offers the 100gpfor the permit. After signing the permit, he is told that the other adventurers have to sign the permit. Switch is a little annoyed as he cannot sign for all, so he sets off to find the others.

At the Sages house Durik answers the door. He apologises for not recognises us a people of importance and references our evening at the palace. After discussion Kathra and Ozzie agree to return with the rest of the party to allow the Sage to undertake a spel of truth on the group to ensure we are not lieing. they ask about the death of the other Sage and if it is linked to the obsidian issue. DUrik believes it is. he also mentions the iron key gang. OZzie tells them we have encountered them and offers the key to the dwarf to allow his master to do an object treading similar to the one he did as he may be able to identify the smithy etc. The dwarf is cautious of the key and explains it is not a key but actually a symbol.

Tol is attacked whilst at the cafe. He is fired at with crossbow bolts. Luckily he has already taken cover as he cannot be surprised and the bolts miss him. he then commences to make and escape as the other members of the public begin to flee. He manages to get into a close by alleyway. Tol hides in the kitchen with one of the waiters, overhearing the muttering so of the locals. the danger appears to have passed and Tol assumes it is safe to speak to the proprietor. He apologises for the disturbance and offers to pay for the discretion of the owner and his staff to keep Tols identity a secret, whilst he bags up Tols food. In Thanks he gives his well travelled pink feather to the proprietor who accepts and then Tol sneaks away before the guard can question him.


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