After the signing of the permit

The group gather to sign after much banter with the gnome, they the head over to the Sages house for the truth spell to be cast. On the trip to the Sages, Tol indicates the crossbow bolts may have been poisoned due to the configuration. The group arrive at the Sages house. On entering the group wait for the Sage to appear. the door seems to be well secured and then a elderly but frail man appears in the door way. He seems very nervous and wary of the group. Zenifus then begins his ritual, before asking what we want. Ozzie takes the lead and explains the story so far, including Beastmen, demons from other realms, our belief that the obsidian cities are key to this hence our trip across the sea to seek out and stop this evil. he then goes on to tell him about the site in the jungle and our desire to find it.

The sage listens intently then speaks about Marcus Aurelius expedition. he explains that Marcus went back to the five shires and Karemeikos. AFter investigations into the ruins he believes they possess a great threat, and that what everything that remains there is not dead. The thought of going there terrifies Zenifus and he declines the opportunity to go. he is worried about the Ebon Keys interest in the Obsidian cities. he also refers to the cult of Thanitos which can be found in the depressed and poor areas of the Thiation cities.

HE still has the artefacts which are extremely old. They warded and shielded so others cannot see them. Created by non human beings who worshipped those from the beyond and want them back. THese are foolish as the world will be destroyed and none of those who assist in its occurrence will benefit. The artefacts are basically some discs about 6 inches across, containing symbols and pictures that are a language. Zenefus explains he is making slow progress at deciphering them. Other artefacts include some pottery, but all items where mundane and any rituals which tried to ascertain when they were created has failed. the creators had Lizard folk and troglodytes as servants. Their appearance seems to resemble the mummies and statues found in the obsidian cave .

The party inform Zenifus that our intentions are to gain more knowledge about the obsidian cities and prevent further incursions. THe other Sage was very interested in the soil samples that came from findings of Marcus’s and speculates the soil could have poisoned him, although he does believe it was the Ebb and Key. Tol asks about the information held in the old sages house and finds out that it will be passed to the new adalya.

Tol wonders if Ozzie wants to try and occupy the Sages empty tower. FErus was more interested in Druidic methods. As the conversation continues ZEnifus informs the group that notes had been sent to him speaking of unspeakable evils below the ground which forced him to abandon his expedition. Tol thinks we should cross reference the notes of Marcus against other copies to see if they hold discrepancies. ZEnifus believes Marcus sent out copies of his notes as a warning and nothing more.

ZEnifus confirms he did an object reading and the keys were produced in the market and given to other trades folk, openly under cover of a standard key transaction.

The group thank ZEnifus for his help then set off for the games with the intention of visiting Ferus’s tower.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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