Attack of the Fiends

As the adventurers enter the gloom, the attack continues. Two huge statues ahead glow faintly. Ozzy senses an arcane buzzing and when he tries to teleport he finds himself face down on the floor. Memnon invokes a Shield of Faith that covers all.



There are several doors around the perimeter of the huge space and the Heroes head for the nearest one. Three different kinds of Fiend (feathered, insectoid and FLYING MONKEYS!!! surrender, Dorothy!!!) attack as well as shuffling , animated sacks of flesh. The fiends hit hard, it’s easy to understand how Koala’s party fared badly.


The insectoid fiends can vibrate their carapaces, having a somnambulant, dazing effect on Switch and Tol. Ozzy realises the whole area is under the effect of a ritual and as he casts spells, Memnon notices that the glow of the two huge statues increases slightly.

Switch manages to unlock the door before falling asleep and Memnon kicks it open. Kathra hustles a stunned Ozzy through the door, finding a room with a weapons rack, barrels and a spiral staircase leading both up and down. Memnon grabs a sleeping Tol and drags him through the door.


As the Feathered Fiends are hit, they give off a cloud of dust and mites, which is poisonous. Their feathers seem to absorb flame and divine energy in some manner. As they batter at the door, Switch locks it and Kathra descend into a large, dark chamber below, with tables, benches, more weapon racks… and something shuffling towards her.

An awful , huge mass of sagging, tentacular flesh shuffles forth, forming random limbs and pseudopods. With Tol waking up, the rest of the party gradually descend and join in combat with the hideous thing. Memnon is last down the stairs, after piling tables and chairs up against the door.

The Spawn forms a craggy, commanding face and orders Kathra to charge Tol. She obeys, but comes to her senses as Ozzy pushes the Spawn back with beguiling strands, lighting a sun rod and attacking. More of the smaller, fleshy creatures shamble forth. Memnon doesn’t think they are undead. They’re like nothing he has seen before, possibly from Beyond.

Lit by sunrod and flaming mace, the battle rages….


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