Back into the fray

After making four vials of holy water, the heroes return to the fray. Heading back through the preparation room, one of the Carnifex wraiths drifts through the wall. Ozzie quickly reacts by throwing a colour orb at the creature dazing it with mystical colours. Switch closes with the creature as Tol’s arrows fly true. The creature retaliates with its foul breath, which all the heroes avoid. The creature is quickly dispatched. Heading through the rooms we reach the alcove room. A quick discussion of tactics ensues. Ozzie puts up an illusionary wall to prevent some of the mummies attacking before we are ready for them. Tol drops his arrow as Switch swings into action.

The mummy moans out its despairing wail and tries to pull Tol closer to it with its bandages, Switch takes advantage of its distraction and slides in an opportune strike. He is dismayed to see the damage he does immediately starts to heal.

The wall holds back one of the mummies but the other burst through and goes after the smallest member of the party, swiping strongly with its fists.

Memnnon steps up and attempts to turn the undead, sending one of them screeching to the other side of the room, the others start to sear from the radiant holiness of Memmnon’s deity.

Ozzie teleports out of the way from one of the mummies which chases after him and then teleports back to ensure he is doing his job to keep the mummies away from Switch who continues to take lumps out of the mummy. However it is Memnnon who steps in to finish off the first Mummy. The team then turn their attention to the next Mummy.

The mummy raises its arm to strike Switch but a timely arrow from Tol, hits the creature and kills it mid punch.

The mummies finally stop animating, after we kill a third one. We then move all the mummies into a pile and pour all our oil over them before firing a flaming arrow.

The next room is lit by 2 of the now familiar guardians (the Lightning things), scattered around the room are fragments of the exploded crystal we had in our dreams. Three obsidian guardians are waiting for the heroes and in the corridor beyond a large skeletal form can be seen.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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