Back to the library

Party casket and bookshelf

As the party looks around it becomes apparent that everyone sees the Beyond in a different way. A different way that is peculiar to them.rift.jpg

The sky is purplish.

Too notices on the horizon 5 mounds circling the area where we are. It is difficult to tell how far away they are.

The chest is made of stone and has gold in it and sealed very careful. The dwarves runes read danger do not open. The chest is dwarven burial casket, it is over 4-500 yrs old. The marble is high quality and would be used for a high level dwarf. An arcana check picks up that it has had a gentle repose in it, so it could be brought back.

The book case of talking books tend to be talking about the geography of Mystra and an empire/kingdom where death was very important.

The party positions itself with the book case and the casket and travels back to the library .


The mindflayer falls off the wall when we arrive back and gets an arrow and somke psychic damage for its troubles. Ozzie forgets he can’t teleport and tries…. And fails.

The fight continues, Memnon goes into diabolical form, calling down a beacon of hope, weakening the enemy and healing those in the burst. And creating a zone of consecrated ground. Switch is enveloped by one of the creatures from the Beyond.

The rift flexes and feels like it becomes solid, reaching into the party’s lungs, and making the party feel like they are moving through treacle. The library is becoming the Beyond!

Suddenly the party realises that the enemy is themselves and attacks each other, Memnon is pushed across the room by Ozzie so Tol can shoot him with a twin strike, while Kathka whacks Tol.

Kathka smacks one of the creatures as it tries to move and attack Ozzie, this disconbobulates the creature so it misses.

The rift again pulses and shimmers. Very briefly the entire room goes black, grey and stone and the purple light disappears, everything seems normal. A small ball of purple winks into existence. Ozzie realises that the rift suddenly became critically unstable and imploded upon itself, before recovering somewhat.

The mindflayer loses control of the rift, but Ozzie is unable to regain control of it immediately, he moves it out of the creatures reach, but possibly not enough. Diabolic Memnnon is grabbed by the creature which has Switch.

Kathka is enveloped by one of the creatures, only Memnnon, Tol and Ozzie remain. The battle is moving against the heroes. Although Tol fires a significant strike at the Mindflayer and Kathka re appears.

image.jpg Switch finally reappears from inside the belly of the beast, he is bleeding and not in good state.

A huge mental battle continues between Ozzie and the Mindflayer, it tries to distract Ozzie but fails and Ozzie gains control of the rift, the mindflayer calls the other creatures to attack Ozzie and they move to grab Ozzie, one of them succeeding.

Ozzie’s control of the rift now means that it is being taken out of play for the short duration.
switch takes another swipe from the creature but slips aside, however he opens up more wounds and the floor is wet with halfling blood.

Tol’s arrows continue to pepper the mindflayer. Memnnon leaps onto the book shelf to attack the mindflayer he is grabbed by the creature he was smiling, but it’s hit critically prevents Memnnon from attacking the mindflayer. He turns his attention back to the creature and angrily punches it in the head. Blood flows from all sides, as the rift slips from Ozzie’s grasp.

Kathka smacks the creature and this breaks its grasp on Ozzie, who falls to the ground, barely maintaining his stance.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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