Big Moon....Where?

The night Ozzie attended in spirit and not body

Secure the tower doors and ensure the servants are OK and inform them not to enter the greenhouse parts of the tower. Go and see Artris and tell her that we have thwarted the Ebenkey and their incursion into the tower. Ask if she could secure the tower better. She agrees and engages the General and guard to secure the premises and tend to the plants.

When e get bac to the inn e find a beetle on our pillow which scuttles away when they enter. the beetle reminds them of those in the tower. The group agree to continue on the rouse of the expedition. Sending the boat off for a day or two to give the impression the heroes have travelled with it, however instructing the captain to return to the city within a few days.

Ozzie summons the Eagles and the party board them and take off it will take a day and a half to get to the obsidian ruins. The eagles fly a few meters above the jungle and after a days flight the party camps close to the river, for the night. Tol scouts the area for danger and is confused by the nature of this area and cannot confidently confirm the area is safe. It is dark, humid, insect infested jungle, with stinky rotting veg and weird scary noises from the wildlife.

Tol uncovers some tracks, which are from birds and large cats. Disconcertingly webbed Repitlian tracks, however these are quite old.. some tacks indicating possible tribesfolk. Campfires are set but not lit. The group do not want to draw attention to the position, however want the ability to create fire quickly if needed.

During Memnons watch he hears some crashing noises well off into the jungle. Suddenly after an hour a crash of thunder reaps out across the night. Kathra remains asleep, The others wake up. It is not raining. On Ozzie’s watch he sees something in the darkness. Out of the undergrowth a humanesque figure moves forward. Ozzie grins and offers a greeting whilst nudging the oaths with his foot to wake up, whilst preparing a storm pillar if required. As the others walke the figure speaks Hinterland and appears annoyed. ozzies tries to communicate indicating the party are only stopping overnight. The Hinterlands appears to be unhappy at this. The others wake up as Ozzies flashes some light tricks to indicate power although is not being threatening. The other party members scan the tree line and then a voice speaks out" if you are not going to leave we cannot allow you to stay hence you will never leave. Let me light your fire!" A loud crack of lightening bolts out of the jungle and conjures a type of storm pillar.

Memnon tries to reason wit the voice hover the response seems ad lobbed, however he explains the followers require a blood sacrifice. it appears after some further chat the tribes folk are under the impression the group are here steal from the land. Further conversation reveals the now revealed magic user is suspicious. Further chat results in the disclosure of the destination of the heroes. This causes the conversation to change tac, as the Ines person becomes inquisitive about how the party will remove the evil which resides in the jungle at the ruin.

Tol cartwheels and shoots arrows at various objects impressing the tribesfolk with his archery ability. Memnon explains his affinity with halav. Ozzie fails miserably to impress them. Switch takes on their greatest warrior and wins. This causes the leader to exit the jungleline. He is more humbled by the combat, and offers apologises for his initial accusations. He does offer his concern that the party is not sufficiently powerful arcanely or mystically in order to take on the evil in the ruins. He bids the party good fortune on the quest ahead, then the hinterlanders retreat into the night.


misterc Kathra

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