Crypt of the bleeding living

The Carnifex speaks I’ll of the living and stuns most of the heroes while the guardians fire at the team.
Tol takes a blow from the zombie and falls back behind the wizard’s skirts, as Ozzie pushes many of the enemy away.

The undead army advances towards the bleeding heroes as they valiantly try to defend this land, from the alien invasion from another plane.

Memnnon shakes off his ills heals himself and introduces the Carnifex to the power of Halav and smiles the Carnifex with his mace of disruption driving the creature backwards.

Ozzie smashes the monsters with his crushing fist and then summons Evard’s tentacles to hold onto the monsters, making it easier for the ranger to hit the advancing mummified hoard.

The crystal weapon turns its ray against the wizard and he starts bleeding in sympathy with his colleagues, Memnnon’s deity continues to light up with the room with his solar wrath.

Ozzie learns that the undead are resistant to much if the necrotic damage dealt by the waving tentacles of Evard.

The Carnifex invokes the call from the beyond and the entire party screams in agony and are stunned by the sheer alienness of the cry. The Crystalline bombardier throws its ,issues and hits the cleric, he is then hit and dragged by the mummy which knocks him unconscious and drags him into the tentacles.

Tol gives a cry of exaltation to his God which revives Memnnon, he then casts a healing surge which further heals the Tiefling., before the Carnifex mutters,"your immortal seems keen to be keeping you alive, my masters will enjoy drinking your blood. The crystalline structure moves forward and bursts out with radiant energy, striking the hapless cleric and pushing him closer to the towering Carnifex. Peering up the cleric sees that the Carnifex has an ion stone or something similar circling his head,

The mummy moves to strike Memnnon, who teleports away, only to be pulled back into the zone of Evard’s tentacles. Calling down healing sun the cleric starts to radiate with the goodness of his God.

Ozzie dismisses the tentacles and Tol pushes the mummy back with his arrows.

The hairs on the back of Memnnon’s neck rise as the mummy gazes balefully before trying to clout Memnnon.

An irregular sequence of lights emit from the light blinds many in the party and drives them back away from it

Memnnon gives off an aura of increased confidence as he concerntrates on maintaining the radiant sun. Ozzie is smacked by a. I mummy and teleports away to avoid being hit again.

The battle continues to rage…. The Hiera plant disappears from the battle, the light emitting diode bombs the cleric and the wizard…. Ozzie goes down as the light burns into his soul with necrotic energy., however Memnnon’s radiant light revives him, meanwhile Kathka whacks the pulsing light, smash into the crystalline structure, causing it to shatter in all directions, knocking the halfling prone and killing the mummy..

The Heiraphant reappears and curses the Tiefling before dazing him once again, before moving forward only to be confronted by a desperate halfling who has heroically leapt up from being knocked over and charges down to stab the creature.l whilst the wizard tries to push the creature away, fails and flees his presence, the ranger moves over, shouts duck before completely misfires.

The creature speaks of his diety from the beyond, knocking the cleric and the wizard unconscious and causing the rest of the party to start bleeding from their ears, except for the ranger who continues to shoot valiantly at the abomination from the beyond, he then rushes over to the stricken wizard. Pulling out a potion of vitality ready to administer it.

Switch goes unconscious as the cleric drags himself over and in one last desperate bid calls down the divine fury of his deity and kills the creature, which explodes causing mummy rot in most of the party.

Memnnon uses his river of life gloves to resuscitate the wizard. The thief is bought round and the gold mask is worth 40,000 gp, there is a diamond which is for opening the door, there are also 3 silver masks worth 7,000gp and the ioun stone of perfect language


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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