Crypt of the Living Dead

Switch kicks down another door and the party find themselves in a room with empty smashed stone containers. Memnon thinks it a funerary chapel of some kind. There are three doorways out.

The door on the right leads to a tomb with a large sarcophagus. Two troglodytic statues appear to be a guard, but a twin strike from Tol provokes no response from them. Switch detects no pressure plates in the floor as Ozzy teleports over to look at the sarcophagus. On its lid is a carving of a Carnifex wearing a mask just like the recently encountered mummy.

There are carvings over two archways, the same words repeated over and over. Ozzy Comprehends Languages and reads “Disturb not the dead for they continue to serve”.

Finding nothing else of note, the adventurers take a left, switch turning the door to dust, revealing a large crypt, containing floating masses of crystal s and corpses lining alcoves –all of which turn to face them interlopers. Shuffling sounds can be heard in the darkened edges of the room.


As the Mummies and Crystals begin to attack (and Kathra wedges the other door shut with pitons) the heroes are reminded that radiant effects seem to embolden the crystalline constructs. Memnon consecrates the ground, hampering the Undead’s advance, but the door Kathra has jammed explodes inwards as more Crystals and mummies enter the fray. The howl of one mummy weakens Ozzy and he is ensnared by its bandages and immobilised.

A Priest of some kind is amongst the undead ranks and is shouts a word from beyond that harms all of the party bar Ozzy, giving -2 to defences. The Heroes of Dymrak are soon battered, with some members bloodied. Memnon conducts a Mass Cure Light Wounds, his action point causing ongoing radiant damage to the Priest.

Ozzy fills one corridor with a wall of Fire, searing several Undead to ashes and causing the Priest to move to the adjacent corridor, cursing the Wizard. With Tol bludgeoned down to 9hit points and Ozzy‘s Hammerfall step misfiring (Natural 1!) the battle rages on…


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