Day 2 of the seige

The heroes regroup and discuss how and who to take to the Feywild and put into Memnnon’s temple In the Feywild for an hour’s rest.

It is agreed that we should take 150 citizens of Lomar. We take some of the Stars, the Sages and some of the priests, as well as military.

The agreement is that we’ll go through get the temple set up. The Royal Star gives Ozzie his dagger, which may or may not be the same dagger. He explains There will be a couple of stone pillars and a rock platform on which the platform is built. They reckon the dust is made of the dead of millions and millions of people.

The Royal Star opens a door sized gate for the heroes to go through. Stepping through we can’t see any pillars. A dark grey dusty plan.

The heroes are in a vast desert of dust, vision is limited. There is a rock out crop. The place is dead, there is no sense of any form of life. It feels like is sucking the life out of you.

There are large bones sticking out, Ozzie approaches some large bones and feels there is a strong necrotic aura.

The sky’s is stormy and overcast…. a roiling grey. There are wisps and winds.

20 minutes into the ritual, Tol notices that rushing across the plane at great speed is a gaggle of humanoid ghostly shapes.

Tol identifies them as some form of undead spirit. Ozzie hails them in several languages, but to no avail. They coalesce around the undead bones. Switch hides and sneaks up with a hold.

One drifts up to Althea and then with large Sythes appear out of nowhere. The wraiths fly into feed on the heroes.

Ozzie unleashes a prismatic burst, destroying 4 of the wraiths, whilst the remaining ones flee his incredible power.

Twenty minutes later, the dust and sand around the heroes starts to churn and boil. There heroes move onto the stony secure ground. Switch is aware that something is burrowing through the ground. He stabs into the ground where it is boiling. Hauling itself out of the dust is a huge skeletal being which returns the favour to Switch.

The wraiths rise up out of the sand and attack, Tol unleashes a flurry of shots, taking out 50%. Ozzie pushes many of the wraiths back into the sand, before turning and lobbing a radiant colour orb at the skeletal creature.

Out of the centre appears the lord of the Shadow realm, who then teleports over to Ozzie, drawing a large sword of bound souls and brings it down against the wizard and the ranger. The skeletal creature moves away from Althea and around to flank the wizard.

Strange spectral bursts of blood come of the skeletal creature, hitting various members of the party stunning some of the party, including the wizard. Who is then sucked into its insubstantial form, along with the ranger.

Ozzie tries to communicate with the Lord of the Realm, but to no real effect.


You did get some response from the Lord of the Realm, just not much of a conversation to begin with.

Day 2 of the seige
misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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