Deeper into the Library

Memnon is flown almost up to the ceiling before setting the grasping fiend alight with his flaming mace. It drops him..!

Down below, Ozzie’s spells move the foe around as switch kicks and backstabs more out of the way. Memnon crashes to the floor, bloodied, and is promptly dive bombed by the fiend he set alight. It seems to somehow wrap itself in the flame, before Kathra brings it to the ground with a powerful blow, Switch flattens it and Tol finishes it off with a twin strike.

As more fiends close in, Memnon creates a Healing Circle, the flash of radiant energy wounding more foe as he gets to his feet. As Switch gets Ozzie pushed and pulls foe left and right Switch grits a sun rod in his teeth and uses his tools to open a door. The party dashed through, slamming the door behind them and hastily barricading it.

The room beyond is deserted, containing unlocked cabinets (containing keys to lock them and robes/coats) and papers with a list of hundreds of names in Thyatian. The names are listed as being either “Faith” or “Medicine”. The last entry was made 52 years ago, but the list goes back hundreds of years. Medicine appears more frequently than faith in the more recent years. Medallions of Ixion are also found. Memnon and Tol take robes and add their names to the list under Faith and medicine respectively.

Exploring further, the adventurers discover more rooms containing toilets and several with wooden beds and empty chests – like dormitory rooms. There are at last nine such rooms, all very dust free. Ozzie senses the psychic lavender scent of things from the far realm…
At the end of the corridor is a set of double doors. Beyond is a large chamber containing many tables with a statue in the corner (a refrec tory?) and a horrible mass of fleshy sacs and many different limbs and appendages. It appears similar to the horror encountered earlier that produced a commanding face that could force members of the party to attack their companions.


This tentacular monstrosity appears to wear the remnant of one of the robes Tol and Memnon have donned. Several more creatures with mangled, tortuous bodies shamble forth from the shadows.

Ozzy’s Prismatic Burst and Mirage arcana blinds several creatures and inhibits other from being able to see the party from inside the zone of effect. The party pours on missile, melee, magic, and divine energy Despite one sticky moment where Ozzie takes a pasting (Natural 20!) all the hideous creatures are swiftly slain. The tentacular monstrosity slowly dissolves into a puddle of goo.

The statue looks to be wise and stern, most likely Ixion. Off the refrectory is a store room and kitchen. More medallions are found, bearing the inscription ‘Curat Ionum’ one to do with the healing arts and the other; faith. Tol and Memnon take a relevant one each.


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