Entrance to the Obsidion City

The heroes step into the area where the jungle will not grow. It feels like the jungle is being kept out.

After referring to the letter of Marcus, the party heads over to the large mound of earth. Spread around her and there are the odds and ends of human detritus.

The party starts digging, the day starts as a bright sky and it gets very hot, causing. To be hotter. Which Ozzie can tell it’s not natural. The second hour it gets so hot, that Ozzie and other start suffering from heat exhaustion.

Tol heads off to get materials to create shade, as he leaves the sky starts to darken and the winds pick up. Ozzie discerns no arcane activity, but Memnnon feels that the immortals have created some form of divine power to prevent entry.

After three hours, Memnnon stops working and he and Tol, prays to Halav for inspiration. During this time, Memnnon feels that Halav is pre-occupied.

The next bit of strange weather is that it starts to rain. Ozzie’s fire ball doesn’t really help. It then turns to hail, getting so hard that the party has to retreat for the hour. The next hour the hail turns to snow and the heroes return to digging.

Tol forms a sledge and Ozzie creates Tenser’s floating disc to help remove the dirt. Walls of fire melt the ground so that it is still dig gable.

the snow melts and the dirt becomes very sticky mud, making it harder to dig.

The party sets up camp for the night, with Ozzie and Memmnnon inside the clearing and Tol, Kathka, and Switch outside of it. Memnnon and Kathka take first watch. Kathka thinks Memnnon is asleep and Memnnon thinks Kathka. Everyone in the party has very strange dreams, rushing through tunnels, there is also a strong voice talking to us before putting back into the stream.

Tol hears the voice say the seven stars are lost, but somehow they remain yet how long they do

Great knowledge awaits of fouls deeds done long ago, learn that you may act.

Suddenly everyone feels an intense pain in our chests and everyone wakes up, without any equipment , surrounded by bodies. Mainly human bodies, some other races. 5 of the bodies have had their hearts ripped out and replaced with a gemstone in its place. Memnnon is now a scaled lizardmen type person, Tol is now an elf

The party can’t recall each other’s names

Above is a domed ceiling, with a walkway, with 8 halfling sized lizardmen and one scaly humanoid lizardmen. It suggests that the larger ones aren’t necessarily the more intelligent.

The lizardmen start painting excitededly at the fact that some of the bodies aren’t so dead.
There is a slightly greenish unearthly glow..

The blond dwarf charges up and tries to get hold of one of the spears, but fails and is stabbed. The elf is hit by a spear, the human avoids being hit by a spear and launches a magic missile at 3 of the creatures, killing two of them.

The creatures with the Crimson jewels for hearts move around and start fighting the lizard creatures.. The human tries to charm the lizardmen charging towards him, but fails and turns and flees.

The silver lizardmen, kills his opponent and moves up to the door. He opens it and peering through sees another large circular room with doors at each point. There are several large creatures chanting around an altar with a body bleeding. The appear to be more than a dozen of the larger creatures. The ritual completes there is a flash of light from the pulsing Crimson light in the ceiling and everything goes dark. The silver lizardmen evaluates the odds and closes the door.

The halfling kills the little lizardmen and then skitters around the large one to flank it with the dwarf.

A beam of light emits from the silver lizardmen and the wizard and both of the bigger lizardmen go down.

The party are all still very confused as to who they are. All of them have a heart shaped hole which has been filled with a ruby.

Further up there are very thin and narrow Windows. The halfling offers to climb up to the balcony, given a leg up by the sliver lizardman.

The elf and the wizard collect all the rope around the other bodies and tie it into a piece of rope.

The halfling listens at the door and can hear a muffled chanting, he slowly opens the door to peer in. He can see that there is a balcony, set into the ceiling is a huge crystal gemstone. Down below the balcony he can see a lot of milling around, and can see the little lizard creatures dragging the bodies towards the door we have blocked. A quick conversation and the party climb up to the balcony and go through the door onto the balcony, and then sneak around the side of the balcony to the archway. With two sets of stairs down the party splits and one goes down to an armoury, which has two little lizardman. The halfling enthusiastically charges down and misses the surprised creature, but it is caught by the silver lizardman killing it, the blow from the lizardman flings the body into the other lizardman which means it is knocked out of the way of the Wizards firebolt. However the silver lizardman strikes down the other creature with his backswing.

Meanwhile the rest of the party goes down the stairs and into a mess room, where there is a larger lizardman, who is surprised to see them. The dwarve charges flailing wildly while the elf calmly lobs a spear at it which takes it in the shoulder because it lowered its shield to defend against the dwarf.. The creature roars and swings its club hitting the dwarf in the side of the head felling her. The elf charges in and again strikes the creature, which retaliates and knocks the elf over as well..

Meanwhile the silver lizardman quickly goes through the doors and sees the large lizardman about to cleave the dwarf, however his strike stuns the creature. He then quickly stabilises the unconscious creature

The wizard collects a range of pouches and leather skins with liquid, the lizardman puts the dwarf over his shoulder and listening at the door. The halfling and the wizard drag the elf along behind him. The door opens out to the outside.

A vast city opens out before us. The light has a greenish tint to it broken by red flashes of lightning. There are lizardmen everywhere and the few humans appear to be slaves. Although in one plaza lounging are half a dozen humans who don’t look to be slaves, wearing scale armour.

The is a little alleyway which the silver lizardman, pretends to bully the ‘warm bloods’ down an alley way.. The party head down taking random turns down the alley way. Which the party hole up in.

The ‘fighters eventually come round…. The party feel that this as a city is right, but it doesn’t feel right

Interestingly there is no hole where the emerald is in all the bodies. These don’t appear to be visible to anyone else.

The bulk of the inhabitants are lizard folk of various shapes and sizes. There is quite a heavy military presence and also lots of slaves.

There are also a couple of dozen humans resisting their guards, they appear to be being herded towards the building we have escaped from. Many of them have a pudding bowl style haircut.

As we cross one of the main thoroughfares, large groups of soldiers continue up and down, as they pass there can be heard the sound of bells jingling and jangling towards the party

There is a dwarf running away with full plate armour and lots of bells strapped to it. There are the sounds of pursuit form the behind the dwarf.

As the party moves into the north of the city, we start to see more frog like creatures. The silver lizardman asks a frog person how to get out of the city. It says’ north gate master’

Silver lizard thinks the red lighting is the combination of arcane and religious power. He also thinks that people who have been sacrificed have their soul energy removed and so can’t be bought back from the dead..

A huge gout of red energy comes out of the massive tower and arcs into the sky.

The Oswestry heads toward the north gate. There is a huge wall and a large gate, with a large plaza and lots of guards. Before the plaza the road goes over the canal. There are more epistle and lizard type creatures. Suddenly all the guards genuflect in front of something that is coming through the gate.


“Seven stars are lost, but somehow they remain yet how long they do”.

Seven stars? I wonder what this refers to? Something to be mindful of as we go forwards.

Entrance to the Obsidion City

Be aware that the wizard may not have got this exactly right, (though the gist of it is correct).

Entrance to the Obsidion City
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