Feeling the Force

Tol shoots the last construct.

Ozzie gains control of the Force field. And a shield shuts down between him

A bell rings somewhere, Ozzie picks up his dagger and teleports back towards his colleagues.

The heroes empty the room as the wizard teleports back through the room..

Ozzie teleports out of the room and Switch takes the keys out of the room. The heroes head back up to the Force room and Switch finds the room exactly as he left it. He stealthily edges around the room

Astral stalkers, lodge a part of themselves into their victim, only one at a time, so they can keep tracking their victims. Tol notes that it spent more time stalking Ozzie than any of the others.

Ozzie teleports to the control step of the Force room. Ozzie gets the familiar focus and fuzzy feeling, but also feels that the system is offline, which is as he expected. He also feels that there is a residual amount of power across the system. The force system is quite important.

The heroes position themselves defensively in case the Carnifex come back to retake the Force room.

The power returns and Ozzie starts to exert his influence and surprises himself as to how easily he takes control of the Force node.

Ozzie now has control of the Force systems, including the force shields. Ozzie ditches control of the cold room.

After a discussion it is agree that Ozzie should pass control of the Force node to Althea, who easily retakes control.. the bell goes off when Althea takes control. Althea knows that there is a way of shifting the rooms around.

The party heads to the Death room and consider the room where they released the spirits, it appears that this was a tomb and a prison. Other tombs were not prisons.

Arriving at the door to the Death room, there is heavy Carnifex tracks and traffic.

As Switch approaches the door there is a strong feeling of unease and disquiet, he manages to push through, Memnnon feels the room of dread. Tol reads the heading which says black energy node control room. Opening the door, there is a pitch black chamber beyond. Switch’s magical light.

Drifting around in the darkness are the Crystalline defence mechanisms and they have gained control of the Death room. It is agreed that Memnnon will still try and take control of the room

The Crystalline structure teleports to the top where it then launches a burst of radiant energy. Memnnon charges up to the top and Ozzie darkens the Crystalline structures temporarily, as Althea Shakes the earth around one of the structure..

The blinded halfling moves back to the corner and in total defence until he recovers his sight.

The Crystalline structures are dazed and heavily obscured, the burst out with their powers but miss, Memnnon’ powers push them away from him as he goes into the control dom.

The battle continues, Tol finishes one of the structures off with a counter strike and the other follows soon after but not before.

Memnnon starts to take control of the node, but quickly realises he can’t control the node whilst it’s controlled by the Carnifex. Shouting ,’to the control room’ and heads off. Ozzie pushes the Crystalline structure through the door, but it comes back and bursts out is bright light blinding the heroes and pushing them away. Memnnon turns and calls down his god’s Daunting light.

Althea bursts out of the ground next to the creature and wallops it. It explodes.

After a short rest, Switch opens the secret door and, there are steps going down. To the doors to the control room. Althea turns off the force controls and the heroes gain access to the control room

The room is very large and very dark. The ziggurat/pyramid almost glows with black necrotic power.

Atop the ziggurat is a large creature curling and uncurling and the floor seems to be moving. Throwing a torch into the room illuminates briefly to see the floor is covered with reptilian skeletons, which scuttle away from the light. From atop the ziggurat a sound like bones clicking and snapping together a voice breathes “Welcome…. I am afraid I’m gong to have to destroy you but it’s nothing personal.”


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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