From Out of the Darkness

The party’s rest is disturbed as the blast patch goes off and a large snake hurls itself at Ozzy! Serpent men follow. The attack is repelled by Hammerfall Step, bowfire, a sneak attack and Kathra’s cleavage (Memnon must still be sleepy, as his Divine powers fizzle).

Soon, only one Serpent Man remains and Ozzy intimidates it into dropping its weapon.

Promising not to kill it, a brief interrogation reveals:

  • The Serpent folk worship/follow ‘Rasek Carr’, one of the outer beings
  • The tunnels ahead are vast, containing “many priests, many eggs”.

The adventurers have some debate about those kept prisoner in eggs and when should they could or should be freed. Too soon and they may die or at best be at risk, at worst, a burden. It’s agreed that they will not be left behind.

16th Felmont
The party manages to finish an extended rest (the captured Serpent Man staring at them throughout). The prisoner is knocked out and left trussed up as the Heroes of Dymrak set off again into the unknown…


misterc TOtherOne

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