Hydra Attack

As the Hydra heads attack, the party retaliates. Ozzy’s magics daze it, Memnon’s radiant energy burns it, Tol’s arrows sink home and Althea and Switch land injurious blows. Yet as the boat surges on, the attack continues. Crewmen die, other turning intangible to escape the Hydra’s fury. As bodies splash into the water, it boils and churns with frightful activity.


Switch and Tol both fire some amazing shots (Natural 20s!) but even coupled with Ozzy, Althea and Memnon’s powerful arcane and divine energies, the Hydra still threatens to overwhelm the craft. More crewmen, including the ship’s Captain, are seized and hurled overboard and before long, Althea and Memnon are snatched up and hurled into the sea too.

There, the Elf and Tiefling discover what lurks beneath the surface – hungry bonefish! With the Captain overboard and nobody at the tiller, the ship veers off to starboard. Althea easily swims back to the boat and begins to climb aboard. Tol grabs the tiller but Memnon struggles to stay afloat, his shield of protection ironically playing a key role in him spluttering and floundering.


All the while, the soul storm hovers close by, as if observing…

Ozzie plays out some rope using Mage Hand as the remaining crewmen scramble to take the tiller from Tol and assist others. The Captain teleports himself back aboard and despite being further bitten and poisoned, Althea and Memnon both manage to climb aboard too.

The Hydra continues to savagely attack and Tol and Memnon are both seized and thrown into the water. The ship regains its course but speeds ahead, leaving Ranger and Cleric behind! Tol swims over to a struggling Memnon but is savaged by the Hydra. Both utter healing words (glub in Memnon’s case) to keep Tol conscious. Althea ties a rope about her waist, fixes it to the ship and dives in (!) to rescue Tol and Memnon.

As she closes in on the struggling duo, Ozzie unleashes a devastating fireball that finally makes the Hydra turn tail and depart. The boat slows and, fighting off the snapping Bonefish, all the party are soon back aboard. Off to port, the soul storm gradually dissipates.

Tending to their wounds in the ensuing calm, the party have time to notice just how strange the environment of this realm is, each being privately affected in ways that remain unspoken, for now…

With so many crew slain by the Hydra’s attack, the Heroes of Dymrak pitch in as best they can with the running of the ship until the Captain receives new orders that supersede taking the party to Umbra. Followers of Thanatos/Orcus are at large. The captain is ordered to find out what they’re doing and put a stop to it. The heroes of Dymrak (albeit left with little choice) agree to help.


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