In pursuit of the Carnifex

As we open the door, everything pauses and all the creatures turn to look at us….

There are several troglaodyte warriors and some of the obsidian warriors from the undead city we saw. We recall the Carnifex has an aura of danger.

Ozzie teleports the Carnifex down to our level as the prismatic guardians move menacingly closer. They both launch a pulse of light and dark which explodes amongst the team.

Althea suddenly burrows under the ground to reappear behind the Obsidion warrior, whilst Memnnon casts shield of faith and moves into action.

The Calrnifex utters a cry and the crystals in the room turn purple and the key lines of colour also turn purple and somewhere in the distance a bell tolls once. Tol recalls a bell tolling in the feywild, but doesn’t recall why this was important.

Ozzie teleports up onto the pyramid and teleports the enemy around, lifting the Carnifex up 60 feet before dropping him back on the ground.

The battle in the doorway is ferocious, the heroes are surrounded, ruing to buy time for Ozzie to work out how to turn the crystals off.

Switch kills the Carnifex and then moves off to disarm the crystals. Althea calls upon her relationship with the earth and creates a ragin earthquake which kills a couple of the frogs, whilst Memnnon bursts out with the wrath of his god, befor moving to the wall and healing himself and the wizard.

Meanwhile the beyond continues to take control of the room, moving along the lines of power of the ziggurat.

Out of the shadows sneaks another Carnifex and bites the warden in the arse.

Ozzie pushes the guardian away and then concentrates on the crystal and learns that the crystal he is concerntrating on is related to the element of water. He feels that he has got a quarter of the way there to controlling the crystal.

The guardian moves back to attack Switch and Ozzie, blinding and pushing Ozzie into the purpleness of the beyond, which burns him.

Althea unleashes a howl of wrath against the Carnifex, immobilising all of the battlefield.

Ozzie teleports out of danger and regains his sight. The guardians continue to wreak havoc, even though they can’t move. Tol finally gets up off the ground and fires off a twin strike, taking out one of the Obsidion guardians and the crystalline guardian, which explodes in a scintillating display of glass shards.

Ozzie teleports next to Switch and uses his immense arcane power to stop the purpleness, before teleporting back to concentrate on the other gems and prevent the purple ooze from taking over earth element

The guardian spins up but miscues and falls over. Switch races up to support Ozzie and they work on one of the crystal Tol also races into the room and up the stairs to try and prevent the beyond from taking further control.

Althea disengages and starts off but is prevented from doing so by the Carnifex. Memnnon climbs up the wall, taking some damage from the Carnifex and uses his religious power to start deactivating the crystals.

Althea takes another hit and is pushed into the purple beyond ooze. Ozzie teleports over and starts deactivating the other crystal.

Switch closes down the crystal and moves across to hide behind the Carnifex, whilst Tol does some work on the crystal before leaping down the stairs to distract the Obsidion golem.

Althea tries an innovative approach to stop the ooze, whilst Memnnon deactivates the third crystal and heals Althea..

The elemental track of fire continues to complete and the bell tolls again. This is the third time it has tolled.

Tol starts to take a kicking from the Obsidion golem, causing him to pass out with the pain.

Ozzie teleports over to try and deactivate the last crystal but discoverers he can’t stop it. The ooze is now absorbed into the track.. The guardian fires again and Tol is unconscious

Switch and the Sneak go toe to toe, blood flows on both sides.

Memnnon calls down the healing power of his god, healing the entire party and reviving the hapless ranger. Althea goes to the rangers aid and is knocked over by the golem, and starts to take a kicking from the golem.

The sneak Carnifex tricks the halfling and the cleric into stabbing themselves. Ozzie stands up and transforms the guardian and the Obsidion Carnifex into a sparrow and a mouse.

With a cry of fury the halfling charges the Carnifex, hitting it, it tries to retaliate as it dies. The halfling collapses with relief.

The battle turns to focus on the guardian, which quickly covers from its transformation. Switch strikes at the the crystalline structure, whilst Tol repositions himself to launch a fusillade of arrows at the guardian. The Obsidion mouse continues to run around..

Memnnon climbs up and whacks the guardian with his mace, destroying it and causing it to explode in a burst of fragmented crystal.

The heroes fire turns on the construct which has turned back from its mouse, it dies quickly.

Althea feels that the stone of the ziggurat is a veneer and she isn’t sure what is beyond that.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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