Into the crypt

Ahead of us the tunnel opens out into a lit area. Lots of the little lizard folk are scuttling through. One turns to us and says aha, quick come this way.

We continue down through the tunnels and can see the purplish light in mist coming up through the holes. We head down the corridors and come to a room lit up by a rainbow of light, which is a strange conglomeration of crystals around an Obsidion statues. The lizard recognises a tie in of arcane and necrotic energy. There is something inherently wrong about this.

The priest asks what they have and the lizard priest inspects what they have. The priest is getting agitated about what has been brought and that it is the wrong place. The priest clicks his fingers and disintegrates the two lizards.

Pol ties to bluff the priest, but he isn’t taken in and prepares to unleash his light, which is deflected by the shield of the dwarf, the lizard Memnnon calls down the power of Ixion, scorching the creature with radiant light.

The halfling stabs the priest and then says lets scarper this way. The elf moves into the attack and stabs the priest with his short sword, killing him. The light is pushed into the corner as the dead priest falls. The dwarf quickly searches the body of the priest. Pol looks at the trinkets and sees that they are some sort of construct, which means he might be able to control them.

The lights start firing at the party, so the party retreats and turns left. We read part of the tablet, which talks about focusing a lot of energy in Y’hog to create a great ritual. Lizard Memnnon marks the side of the stairs " danger radiant and necrotic that way"

The dwarf continues to carry the tablet as the party heads down the stairs to a very large door, which is wider and shorter than would be expected for a human. The door is very secure and is locked. The halfling can’t hear anything beyond, he can’t find any traps and easily opens the door, which turns and goes around a corner before opening into a dark room, full of books and scrolls and inscribed metal plates. The wizard pushes past the group in excitement to see the library, he looks around to see what is here. Most of his searches reveal that it is the history of the Carnifex nation and also about bringing forth the beings from the beyond.

Pol suggests, reluctantly that the scrolls could be set alight to create a diversion. After a bit more reading the spcific target to hit the city of Lomar. Lomar is the city of 8 gates, which are the portals to other places. Of the portals could be overloaded this might break a rift.

We can hear voices. " Clearly we have some form of interloper in the building, find and punish them"

The heroes head on turn left and find a grated complex. With a desk and we take another corridor.. The left hand one goes down and so the party follows it on down into a large domed chamber with a number of guard creatures and a crystal light thing, a priestly lizard type. The room is eerily lit and the ceiling looks like the night sky. The wizard and the elf feel that the stars aren’t quite right. The room positively throbs with energy and there is a bled of red coming out the room that the priest. The party agrees to carry through the bluff, only after the wizard pushes the elf and halfling into the room. They march through and into the red room. In the centre is. Large red ruby held with a metal holder. There is a purple swirl of energy and a large Carnifex, which looks up and sees us. There is another smaller one also chanting. The party keeps confidently walking , until the elf pulls his bow out and shoots the green priest. Before charging up to its side, behind the halfling, both are beaten by the wizard’s firebolt. The dwarf charges the priest diving over the halfling and into the priest pushing him into his following light..

Memnnon walks up to the large Carnifex and with a clap of thunder pushes it back away from the large crystal. He also damages the large creature.

The large Carnifex shakes itself and retaliates with 2 purple darts at the silver lizard. He then steps forward and shouts " you’ve damaged it!" The halfling hearing this steps forward and strikes the centre ruby. The other priest stops chanting, shouts ‘guards’ and runs up and rips the throat out of the wizard. As he falls to the floor he cries out break the ruby, break the ruby.

The priest calls down his sacred flame on the ruby. The radiant power of Ixion destroys the ruby….. In a brilliant

The lizard Memnnon calls down a sacred flame on the one of the lights.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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