Into the Darkness aka Den of the Dracolich

As the Dracolich mocks them in a voice from beyond the grave, the Heroes of Dymrak surge forwards into the chamber, swiftly encountering two large (nine square area) hordes of chittering bone swarms.

In mere seconds, several members of the party have been stunned by the Dracolich. Memon has gone Diabolic and Tol blesses his comrades with the Annointed Army. As Switch scales the ziggurat upon which the Dracolich resides, Memnon turns the undead swarms and burns the Dracolich with radiant energy from an action point.

Switch then backstabs the Dracolich (NATURAL 20!) causing 83 hp of damage, but the swarms overcome Memnon’s turning and surge back, attacking the Cleric, Tol, Ozzie and Althea. Two small red cubes are visible on the floor…

Ozzie heaves his bulk onto the ziggurat with a teleportation spell and psychic locks the Dracolich. Memnon follows up with a Gaze of the Sun, and the burnt Dracolich soars down to the lowest level of the ziggurat to escape the radiant flames, belching black fire over most of the party.

As Memnon laughs at the flames, Switch darts over to the Dracolich and backstabs it again (NATURAL 20!) causing another 82 hp of damage. With a groan, Tol keels over, as the flames and a swarm threaten his life. Althea leaps into action, burrowing under the earth to reach the fallen ranger’s side, beginning to drag him away from the Dracolich’s aura of doom (which prohibits any healing when within 3 squares of it).

Althea picks up one of the curious red cubes as she passes it and realises that they will absorb and negate the Dracolich’s stunning effect, but that a cube needs to be held to do this and will vanish in a few seconds (three rounds). Memnon heals both himself and Tol before heading towards one of the four large crystals in the chamber (there is one in each corner).

With a gesture and few hissed syllables, Ozzie transforms the fearsome Dracolich into a fluffy squirrel! As Tol, who is still aflame, climbs up onto the ziggurat away from the swarms, Memnon begins to take control of the crystal and the swarms make a beeline straight for him.

With the Dracolich now powerless unless attacked (which will make it revert back to its normal form) the heroes pile their attacks into the swarms, to keep them away from the cleric. Althea’s Thunderhead Strike lands with a NATURAL 20, followed by Ozzie’s Hammerfall Step NATURAL 20!

With a burst of insight NATURAL 20! Mem understands that the crystals absorb the necromantic energy in the room. Turning off all four of them will reset the room but will also lead to a deadly build up of necromantic energy. Also radiant attacks suffer a penalty within two squares of each crystal.

The race is on! Can the heroes keep the swarms at bay long enough to deactivate the crystals and then get out of he chamber before the necromantic energy slays them all? Tune in next week to find out. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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