It's going to be Epic

The witch and dwarf disappear into the swirling vortex of the nexus of worlds. The rest of the monsters are dispatched.

Althea explains that she has a long standing feud

It turns out that

Tol informs the dwarves of three axe pass that Gorian might be a good place to meet.

Proteus calls the heroes back together. First of all my friends eat and drink to your hearts content. Proteus however can’t find Kathra. Althea asks Proteus about the comments made by Nouma. He suspects that she was trying to gain power by travelling between different versions of the world. There are different worlds besides the beyond, the feywild or the shadowfell.

Proteus is hedges about telling her too much… other than to say that if Nouma was able to kill Althea or Kathra she would have gained her powers.

It turns out that the Nexus of the worlds exists everywhere, but doesn’t stay in the same place. Douganstahl

Althea it turns out also has obsidian armour, which she picked up when she had to fight her way out of the death titans lair, where the heroes abondoned her.

Getting down to business.

Proteus asks if we recall about gong to Lomar.

Lomar is trapped in a bubble and is trapped in time. The walls are weakening. " I am sending you to collect an hourglass, which does have a mind of its own… it is in a ziggurat which also itself travels through time. Which is about to appear in a place where I can get you to.

The last race to use the ziggurat were humanoid, more historians rather than recorders.

Proteus also puts a dolphin sigil on all our heads, and says that the users of the ziggurat will need to give the hourglass.. it is known as the hourglass of doom, the controller or the key.

Proteus takes the magic item Ozzie and turns the Pride of Dymrak into a portal travelling .

Proteus drops the party into a hot and steamy jungle in Scarthour region. Looking around there is no apparent human habitation.

Tol scouts ahead and finds the ziggurat. Traipsing around the ziggurat are guards of serpentfolk.

The ziggurat is made of a darkish bluish stone. On top of it is a crystal dome hovering about 10 feet above it.

Memnnon steps out of the undergrowth and addresses the snake men. He asks for the hourglass back from the snake men. Whilst they don’t understand him and sound the alarm
One of the snakes slithers up to Althea to attack her, she can see that it has an aura of Greene venomous… ness. It misses and Memnonn’s mantle of misfortune shifts it away from the the Warden.

Ozzie charms three of the snake men to go and attack the giant snake, unfortunately only one of them hits.

A wizards snake comes to the guards rescue and casts a poisonous cloud across the battlefield. He shouts alert the masters, which Memnnon translates and lets know what is happening. More snake men appear from around the ziggurat.

Radiance emirates from Althea as Memnnon calls down his gods power, healing himself and Ozzie before knocking another snake an dies.

Switch kills the snake and manages to pull his follow through blow against Althea, before he accidentally hits her, however the snake wizard charms the halflings who is dominated and ties to hit the eleven warden again. The snake wizard moves into the battlefield, apparently to challenge the wizard.

Switch shakes off his domination and in his dazed state charges the wizardly snake man., who promptly dominates him again.

Memnnon’s bomb of radiant brilliance lays waste to the battlefield, killing two of the minions and damaging two more. The deranged halflings charges Ozzie, but Ozzie shields himself from his friend’s deranged slashing.

Another giant snake comes around the side of the ziggurats and strikes at Tol who deftly dodges the strike.. Ozzie deftly clears the battlefield of more minion and moves the snake away from being able to damage Tol.. However it slithers back and tries to coil itself around the ranger, who wriggles out and slithers away.

The snake men and the giant snake are dispatched and Althea spikes the ziggurat with the spike provided by Proteus to hold the ziggurat in the current position.


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