Leaving Minthroyd

Day 4 14th Fyrmont
2 hours before dawn the ship is getting ready for departure.

Ozzie goes round with the captain with his blue flame to make sure there are no shape changers.

It appears that Alex and Mishka of the ships crew are missing. Memnnon and Switch takes 2 of the crew back to the Slippery Eel to see what has gone on.

On arrival at the Slippery Eel, it is discovered that there has been quite a fight and the two crew members have been arrested. Switch runs back to tell Ekatarina and Memnnon heads off to the Stronghold.

On arrival at the Stronghold the Tiefling is challenged and asks about the crime. It would appear that there is going to be no leaving on this morning tide.

Ekatarina says that normally she would leave them, but this isn’t a normal occasion.

Alex it turns out got into a fight over gambling, the tavern was roughed up, the owner’s daughter has a broken leg, some other sailors are injured and a serving girl has a punctured lung. Tol discovers that Mishka can be bailed and her fine paid for 500gp. Alex is up for attempted murder and won’t be tried for several days.

Memnnon offers to heal the injured parties. He is allowed to heal the young girl, the other one won’t accept his ministrations.

We get Mishaka out but not Alex, Ekatrina get a new crewman called Jovah, he is from Minrothad.

Day 5 15th Fyrmont
We set sail the next dawn. The pilot is again Mothravin, who is displeased about something, muttering about the fogs being unusually thick. Ozzie detects nothing unusual in an arcane sort of way. The fogs are a result of vapours from the dormant volcanoes, as well as sea frets, but Ozzie suspects the Merchant Princes have enhanced them in some way to make approaching the island tricky.

Negotiating the fog takes longer than expected, but Mothravin steers a true course.

Day 6 16th Fyrmont
The Pride of Dymrak bears south between Traders Island and Blackrock Isle. All can see the sparks of fire crowning the bleak island.
And we we then head south.

The trip south is difficult as we face a head wind. It is odd to have winds from this direction. Ozzie is suspicious that someone or something. It appears that there might be a merchant prince slowing us down.

Day 9 19th Fyrmont
After 3 days Ekatrina has moved closer to the normal trade routes in an attempt to avoid the curious contra winds. However the ship’s rations are going off faster than would be expected and one of the fresh water barrels has sprung a leak.

What looks to have happened is that the barrel staves have been warped. An object reading shows that the warping of the barrel happened around Traders Isle.

Tol summons up the Horn of Plenty to work every day, so that there are enough rations, and our rations are shared with the crew. Our rations are slightly better so this will put the crew in better spirits.

Day 10, 11; 20th, 21st Fyrmont
Over the next few days more problems are noted. Ekatarina and Anya notice that some of the ship’s timbers are also starting to warp. This is checked with Edric, the ship’s carpenter, who confirms that this is happening.

The party hold a council of war. Tol goes over the side to see if there is anything attached to the bottom…. Nothing.


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