Looking around

Switch searches around for a secret door.

Ozzie determines that something has passed beyond the room, but the heroes aren’t sure what.

The fire element is now the one that is hooked into the beyond. The three links draw energy from somewhere and feed it into the ziggurat. The air one isn’t really firing properly, which suggests there.is something wrong here as well.

A discussion ensues as to what we do. Tol builds a camp and we move the bodies over to one corner. The heroes settle down to eat and Switch takes first watch. About halfway through his watch the doors open and a guttural voice is heard. Switch wakes Memnnon up and sees a couple of the Troglodyte warriors and the wizardy Carnifex enter.. They are suspicious but look directly at the camp and don’t detect it. They notice the bodies, and go to investigate. Then the main party heads back to report the incident, leaving 2 to stand guard. Switch sneaks up and stabs them both.

Althea can feel that the whole pyramid is throbbing with power, but feels the power is being converted to something else. She can feel that there is something wrong with it as well.

During Tol’s watch a lone troglodytes runs through the room and out the other end. Tol wakes the next day and feels strange, he feels as though he is coming down with a cold or a minor illness.

As we head to the door. Tol realises that he can read all the writing on the wall in Carnifex. He reads the map and sees the control roll is the platform

The heroes head down to the control room down the very long stairs…. 10 mins later the stairs stop on a platform, with a turning to the left, it it does continue straight on. For a substantial period of time. In the distance a door can be seen, along with corridors to either side. We send the sneaky rogue on ahead to see what is around the corner.

As Switch gets near her can hear a low gutteral muttering as if they are trying to be quiet… an ambush!

The heroes stealthily sneak down the corridor to surprise the ambushes., who leap out when they hear Althea coming down the corridor only to be charmed by Ozzie, which takes one out. The creatures have strange lightning spears which look like they have some form of stunning ability..they are all quickly dispatched

At one end of the corridor is an empty open crate. Or empty shelves.

The writing on the door says welcome to the directional control room. The door has two slots, at 4 feet and 5 feet. Switch realises that the short lightning swords aren’t weapons but keys for the direction room. It hums and the door opens. It is the lightning that causes the door to open Ozzie realises.

Inside the room is lit with a bluish light, with a stone ziggurat glowing with blue symbols, which causes our heads to throb with pain. To either side of the room is. A platform with smaller symbols on. Between the central ziggurat and the smaller ziggurat there is intermittent flash of blue light, with a tinge of purple. There are a number of constructs rushing around on set paths, all running clockwise, pausing at specific points.. It appears to be in response to the lightning arc.. Around the room are various symbols, which don’t make any sense at the moment.

As soon as Switch enters the room, the constructs notice him and as he approaches the centre dome a blast of power flashes out . He reaches the top of the ziggurat and over to the side. The construct says life forms are not allowed in this room and continues to say they should retreat. Tol speaks gibberish to the creatures, but they appear to understand him.

This system has very strong pyschic and elemental energy. Memnnon follows Switch through the room, and leaps up onto the top of the plinth. The constructs stop, and then start manipulating symbols on the wall before one moves towards the halfling and says you must depart from this chamber. You have been warned.

Ozzie teleports across the room and the remainder of the heroes follow.

One of the constructs moves over to the heroes and is immobilised by the halfling who shifts away as it lashes out with a blast of pyshic energy, the other does the same. Memnnon is hit by the blast, pushed back into the room and takes a whack from the overhead power. The others

Ozzie pushes the creatures away and moves up to get the key off Switch, as does Althea., who gets there first and they put the keys in the door and Switch goes through and down the corridor.

The constructs move to prevent the heroes leaving the room, Memnnon is taking a beating from them.

Ozzie teleports himself and the remaining party members out of the room and tries to shut the door, but doesn’t. Manage however Memnnon pulls the other key out and the door closes.

Turning to look at the door Tol translates the room as being mind control. Althea speculates that something might be in the box in the mind control room…. that the Carnifex might be after.

The heroes continue to follow the path down, with the thief sort of sneaking on ahead. 5minutes later Switch finds the corridor to the right with steps going down, whilst the other corridor continues straight.. Tol identifies that Carnifex and lizards types have gone down and come back.

Heading down the stairs for 10 minutes the party comes to a t junction and turns right and continue for a few minutes. The fabric of the corridor is becoming less sturdy…. almost like it is less healthy. Arcane and nature checks suggest that the damage has been down a while ago, the rocks have a high metallic content and has been altered or treated in some way. Heading back up we can hear beings running towards the team in a great rush. Tol takes one out with an arrow and the others keep coming on down. Memnnon asks them to stop and cease and desist, but they don’t, so Memnnon calls down daunting light and kills another one. Tol calls to stop them, and then shoots the remainder. The heroes listen for what might be chasing them..

After a short while the corridor becomes better illuminated and there is a slightly ozone spell. The light at the end of the corridor becomes brighter and brighter and fills the whole corridor. There is a strong sense of multiple energy sources. Switch is attached to a rope and given Memnnon ‘s shield and proceeds down the corridor. The light continues to get more painful, but he stumbles across a troglodytes body, which has large welts and an arm is missing. The next thing in the corridor is the body of a Carnifex and then more bodies and there is an edge and a drop. He finds himself on the edge of a huge shaft. Inside which are huge blasts of energy for fire and ice and radiance. Across the far side of the shaft is a similar archway. In the middle there appears to be a walkway between 2 other archways.

We head back around to try and find the shaft at the other end.. To confirm that this is the opposite side of where Switch was. Ozzie goes down the corridor, finding it not nearly as bad as Switch made it out to be. He gets to the end and finds a tunnel of force gong through the middle of the shaft. He also sees another one lower down running perpendicular to his. In both cases there are tunnels coming out into the shaft.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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