May the force be with you.

Awaking rested, Switch soon finds the entrance to the Force Control room. Switch suspects it’s been opened in the recent past.

Memnnon and Althea discover they now understand the languages and the writing.

Opening the door there are stairs going down to a golden door. With the words Force Generator Romm take precautions before entering

Opening the door is a largely empty chamber with an alcove fading into darkness, the room is empty except for two crystalline figures and 2 golems.

The heroes head into battle, the guardians light up…. Memnnon strides in and hits a wall that Ozzie teleported through…. Ozzie is completely distracted by the wall.

Althea takes on the constructs.

Ozzie identifies that there is a wall of force in effect and that he is on the safe side. He also notices that the blue light has gone out.

Althea is taking a kicking and a beating and is stunned by the onslaught..

Ozzie teleports down and is struck by a wave of force and quickly teleports to the next zone.. arriving safely. Peering ahead he can see a portal…. that opens out into the night sky.

Ozzie lives up to the control panel and understands that this is the emergency shutdown. It takes him a while to shut it down.
Meanwhile Memnnon heals a number of the party, getting the back into the fight, just in time to be hit by a wave of force and the pinball force thingies start whirring furiously flinging heroes and villains indiscriminately.

Memnnon’s radiant anger finishes off one of the crystalline structures, which explodes and knocks Switch over…. again.

The wave of force pressure moves through the heroes square and then starts to flow through where Ozzie is pushing him back against the wall. He gets up and goes back to work. The pale blue light has also reappeared in the gate. Ozzie’s dagger remains on the floor.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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