Memnnon goes first

The party slams the door to the bunk room and heads up the stairs to the other weapons room. Memnnon gets to the top and is confronted by a snarling warped guard… In the guard room. It is soon dispatched by Tol and Switch although it strikes and hits Memnnon.

All guard room doors are unlocked with the same key which Switch has kept. A detailed discussion sees Switch sneaking around the side. All is set up, Switch sneaks out the door stealthy as can be.

He sneaks out through the door, as it opens the fiends turn around to see what has happened. Tol holds his breath as they start to lazily flap over to see what has happened..

Ozzie opens the door and sees one of the buzzy things, a Pest Fiend, and throws a radiant ball at it before shutting the door.
Switch is safely away around the corner investigating where we go next. He carefully examines the statue, it depicts a robed man with wise demeanor. Despite his scholarly aspect he is well muscled. He carries a torch. The statue opposite shows the same being, could this be a reference to Ixion in his guise of Bringer of the Light of Knowledge?
Regardless, Switch doesn’t think there is any sort of trap, either mechanical or magical, associated with the statue, so continues to the door.

Ozzie slamming the door has attracted the attention of the demons. Memnnon takes control and strides through the door to hit the pest fiend, which he does. It buzzes back and dazes him.
Ozzie then pushes two fiends off the ledge. One has the now familiar vulture like features, the other appears to be a flying ape with long grasping arms. He then uses visions of avarice to pull the fiends away from the ledge. Kathka prepares to hit something.
Switch confidently uses his key in the locked door. No use! Clearly he needs a different key. crouching down in the shadows he witnesses several of the fleshy sacks staggering across the floor. They seem more intent on the noise from around the corner where he confidently expects his companions to appear soon.
Tol opens the door downstairs and shoots the grasping fiend, as Kafka throws her hammer at another.
Memnon then lashes out at the droning Pest Fiend, but the exertion, or perhaps its somnolent buzz, is enough to send him to sleep.
Ozzie pushes the demons back and pulls all the demons into the zone. Kafka slaps Memnnon which wakes him. Switch is noticed by a walking condom and hit, he retaliates and stabs it but can’t quite bring it down.

Tol shoots and shouts that we’ve got a way round to the other side..

Memnnon stands up, as the demons escape the zone of avarice and flies up to hit him in retaliation to men’s daunting light before flying up out of range. The others also escape the zone and go after the party.

Above Switch a grasping fiend shuffles to the edge of the balcony and prepares to dive on the unlucky hin. However it stumbles and lands heavily on the fleshy fiend, crushing it (and incidentally preventing it’s bursting from harming Switch).

Ozzie throws a rainbow of radiance at the feathered fiends, hitting both and blinding them, before Charing down the stairs. He is followed by Kafka, as Tol pushes through some condoms, getting splattered on the way., before dropping all his arrows.

Memnon races along the battlements, before leaping off, tripping on take off and landing prone on top of the immobilised grasping fiend, which grabs him in a gorilla hug. It then flies up high into the air and squeezes him.

Ozzie comes through the door and pushes a condom out of the way before making the buzzy creature and a condom succumb to the visions of avarice. This clears the way for Kafka to charge through and start throwing hammers at the grasping fiend. Despite a solid hit it doesn’t release Memnon. Kathka draws on hidden resources of energy to snap off another throwing hammer, but that misses.


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