Mummy Rot

The heroes gate back to the lost library to rest and recover . During this time Memnnon and Tol cure Switch, Ozzie and Kathka of their mummy rot.

There is some research onto the emblems and lichs. A very powerful spell aster could cheat death in this way. There are rumours that this can be done without becoming a ravening horror. They will continue to have very powerful magic and will have an aura. It would appear that liches have a phylacterry. Which could be small bits of jewellery to large ornate statues.

Tol puts the golden map back together and looks to see if he can collaborate the information that he has.
Ozzie recalls the star layout and tries to check out the age of the Obsidion cities and discovers they are over 7000 yrs old… Even older than Blackmoor

Kathka discusses tactics…. Fire being a key way of looking. We need lightning to deal with this crystals.

Switch moves all our treasure into one of the special secret areas.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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