On the hunt for Xoxoth

The party awakes refreshed. Ozzie notices that the sense of the beyond is less than it was yesterday. This is probably due to the fact that we have secured the portal to the Beyond.

Everyone heads up the stairway that Tol and Switch had found. Tol notices that there are footprints in the dust towards the top of another humanoid, possibly more. He can make out prints of a soft slipper, rather like those worn by Xoxoth the Mind Flayer.

At the top of the stairs, Tol observes that the tracks go to the left hand door. A now familiar depression above the door will take a medallion, but this one is different. Switch can make out the design; it says “knowledge”.

A quick search for traps fails to find anything, but the ranger and the Hin force open the door. Switch also learns that the proper medallion can do more then open the door, it can trigger something else.

The door opens into a short corridor. The door at the end has a door with a sliding observation hatch and another depression for a medallion. Switch suspects that the whole room is a trap and could fall in. Switch can’t see what is triggering the mechanism.

Mage hand fails to trigger the trap. Ozzie sets the trap down the corridor and then (realising it was safe in the first place) unsets it.

Ozzie peers through the hatch into a circular room, roughly 30 foot. diameter and sees a portal room, which is empty. Switch and Tol again ‘trick’ the doors and get the door open. We can walk into the room and find the portal which is 10 foot radius.

Ozzie analyses the portal to confirm that the mindflayer went through it and discovers that it went to Alphatia. Sundsval, the capital. He also finds that it was created by a wizard called Hetzantalim

Meanwhile, the rest of the party check out the door on the right of the landing. it requires Switch and Tol to again trick the lock into thinking they have a platinum medallion, but it seems as if the physical and mental cost is less. Perhaps the door is less important?

Beyond is a domed room with a clear crystal roof. In the middle of the room is a chair and a telescope. shelves around the room hold maps, charts and a couple of finely made orreries. However, neither quite matches what they expect to see; one orrery has an extra moon (Memnon recalls folk tales of an extra moon where the immortals live) and the other has an extra planet following a very eccentric orbit. The extra planet seems to have been added to the orrery some time after it was made.

The party fails to find anything else and goes back to the doors, which has a symbol for 4 medallions and one for the centre (4 gold around 1 platinum?). Switch and Tol again trip the door, which opens into a 30’ square room. On the far side there is a door in the corner. In the middle is a statue, which holds a large crystal sphere. It appears to be an arcane focus for a number of rituals.

The control room for the Library!!crystal_sphere.jpg

The party puts on medallions and tries to work out if we can control the library. Memnnon can’t work out what it does, but that it is possible to manipulate the complex series of rituals from here, neither can Tol. He does get the impression that messing with it in the wrong way, could cause big trouble.

Ozzie tries and has more success.

This crystal sphere is the focus for a series of rituals. The complexities of these is difficult, however with platinum amulet this would be much easier. It does appear that this orb and the rituals it controls were created and used by very powerful people or even deities. It would also appear that the demons getting in have nothing to do with this series of rituals, as the bulk of the defences are still on. Closing the big gates at the front of the library can be controlled from here and Ozzie thinks that this may also deal with the Demons.


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