Phasing in the tombs of the Carnifex

Another Carnifex phases in through the wall and through Memnnon before biting the cleric. It takes some fire damage but it’s gaze is so mesmerising that Memnnon is moving very slowly.

Kathka rushes forward cleaving through the creature and smashing one of the pots, creating a cloud of spices.

The Carnifex breathes an odour ours ancient breath over the heroes, Ozzie changes the warp and the weave so that the foul breath goes around him.

Another comes through the door and takes a blow from Switch and Tol, it breathes across and another passes through, biting the ranger as it passes through the room and out down the stairs.

Switch pushes open the door and sees that the corridor goes on and turns away to the right..

Ozzie moves the Carnifex and the thief into another area, keeping the unearthly creatures Away from him. Tol finishes off the immobilised Carnifex.

Another comes around and breathes its foul breath sucking some of Ozzie’s soul from him and tries to bite the ranger as he moves back and let’s lose a volley of arrows.

Kathka smashes open the chest and finds a range of pottery vials. It’s very dusty..

The battle continues, as the cleric calls down the powers of Halav to heal the hapless wizard, whilst the thief stabs and kills the Conifex, before heading off down the corridor, tripping on a paving stone and falling flat on his face.

Kathka suggests that Ozzie check out the chest, as he head off after the retreating wraiths.. The herbs and spices are hard to tell what they are but one glass vial is a potion of vitality, which he puts into his pouch. Looking up he sees a Carnifex wraith flit past. The ranger charges around the corner firing wildly at the retreating monster. The Tielfing charges past the wizard and notices a human figure wrapped in bandages and clutching a large sword. It receives a blast of the clerics diety’s powers.

Kathka’s dancing sword is released to foxtrot off and rhumba with the Carnifex..

The mummies in the alooves are animated but obviously waiting for something to happen. Another Carnifex comes up and out of the well, whilst the other disappears down the well.

Memnnon goes diabolic, heals himself and whacks the mummy, destroying it but as it explodes into a cloud of necrotic dust.

The Carnifex keep on coming, breathing over the party, Ozzie suffers immensely as he inadvertently inhales the ancient breath of the Carnifex. Blood seeps out of his eyes and ears as he suffers.

Memmnnon lays down a beacon of hope and Ozzie sends one of them to another place., whilst the other disappears down the well. The heroes take advantage of the absence of the wraiths to quickly heal Switch and Ozzie.

Kathka lights a light rod and throws it down the well. It falls 50 feet before the walls come alive with screaming faces which reach out, grab the light and snuffs it out.

Memnnon wades in and starts swiping at the zombies and wiping them out, as does Tol.

The wraith that had gone down the well reappears out of another and breathes foul fetid breath at the cleric..

The other wraith reappears from its horrible journey and Switch stabs it, Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows, whilst the demonic shaped Memnnon releases a radiance of brilliance as Kathka’s dancing sword tangoed across the hall, killing the first wraith with dipping swipe before doing a polka dance back to hit the other wraith, which chases after the wizard, as the cleric explodes in an burst of radiant light. Tol calls down an anointed army which destroys zombies and bolsters the good guys

However the entire zombie army now animates and comes after the heroes. Switch stabs the wraith before retreating around the corner, whilst the dwarf strikes it with an exorcism of steel, exorcist get it out of existence. The horde of zombies shamble towards Kathka and Memnnon who stand fast against the advancing horde of undead.

Ozzie pushes the zombies away from Kathka, so she has more room to swing her sword.

The remaining zombies are dispatched and the looting of the gold amulets around their necks begins. The halfling collects 19 gold medallions worth 1000 gps each, they have runes recognisable as being from the Carnifex.

The remaining blocks are broken open to find 4 more potions of vitality.

The alcove is examined which Memnnon identifies that the place where the well of souls could be sealed in. It appears there has been something there until fairly recently. It is an oval shaped base of something. It might possibly be have tomb plunderers or maybe.


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