Planning the next stage

Proteus will instruct the group

Proteus transfers us to the lost library and still find all our treasure there, although it has been moved about a bit.

Proteus tells us the hourglass wasn’t present in Lomar. He suggests we speak to and befriend the emperor and councillors there. His name is Colstarian.

All you have to do is touch your tattoos and I will transfer you to Lomar. I have heard your thoughts and while.

Looking at the piles of treasure, there appear a number of new bits, 250000gps worth.

Blackmoor was at it height 3000 yrs ago, highly civilised. A great rain of fire which destroyed black or and changed the world. There are occasional rumours of ancient Blackmoor devices turning up.

Lomar is a land of plenty piece and glory which sank beneath the world. This is odd, as Ozzie found no information of Lomar before

Ozzie’s research turns up research……

The following information is discovered looking through various tomes in the library;

“Cannibalism is a feeding habit common to the Pits of Banishment, practiced by some of its victims, such as the Carnifex.”
(Exotic Inter-planar Foods, Tome XX)

“The Carnifex were notorious for experimenting new magic effects on their prisoners, and even sometimes on themselves”
(Positive Thinking in Spell Research; scroll fragment 3456-XZ written in Alphatian)

“Insanity remains when the level of magic encompasses all that was ever learnt before.
I, myself, and others such as the Carnifex have been afflicted with this utter folly. "

(Life of Prince Moriem of Glantri)

“I once contacted some creature of the outer planes and it told me the biggest magical item treasure was in Castle Carnifex, but I was never able to find where this is.
All my research suggested that it both had, and hadn’t once existed, and that it both was and wasn’t now banished somewhere safe. By Rad, truly a conundrum worthy of the greatest minds.”

(A Treasure Hunter’s Guide, by Prince Jaygar of Glantri)

“The best disguises are often inhuman. A legend says that Carnifex creatures could imitate nearly anything without much chance of being discovered.
When this is the case, who can you trust?”

(Thieves’ Manual, unsigned, written in Thyatian)

Ozzie realises that the significance of these quotes is not their content, rather the fact that they exist at all. He is sure that they weren’t there last time he looked, so is knowledge of the Carnifex becoming more widespread? Is it just the amount of knowledge that is changing, or is it history itself that is changing?

Gorath the Destroyer was last seen in the world 7,500 years ago.

Tol in contact with the watchers
- they are more concerned with the shadow realm, but there is a growing unease in the natural world, which they have put down to the battle
- when Tol talks to the fey and the seer… they are more aware of the beyond, the rainbow path travels through the beyond
-elves realised Blackmoor was going bad and fled.
The elves have a way of travelling through the beyond on the rainbow path
The gate keepers
-low level members of the gatekeepers are aware of the tensions, they try to remain neutral. Most of the upper echelons are struggling to remain neutral. The very highest meme,bears notice there is some pressure from the outside and that the ebon key pose. A threa, several important members of the gatekeepers have been exposed as members of the ebon key.

The gate keepers don’t fully understand the danger and won’t unless you tell them. Interestingly Riadorn isn’t at Specularium.

Memnnon, Elton Springs is doing well. The leader at Eagles Gate is very pro building links with Elton Springs. Fortifications have been built

Ozwarts has closed down, as there are two magical nations ab9ut to go to war. Pupils were withdrawn and there are several demands for prepaid fees. It’s currently shut.

Switch discovers he has made a huge profit.

Doughansthal tells that hella is knights had invaded the Ehtangar steppes… grasslands north of Glantri. Very recently someone has been burning down Temples to the god of trade and thievery in Alphatia, it is generally assumed to be Glantrian trick. A nasty conjuration had been let loose in Thyatis city, Arcane College wizards had to bring it under control.

Thyatis appears to be leaning towards Glantri.

Around Specularium there are more guards on the street and everything is a bit more fractious. Wizards Guild has been stoned.

This could all be a symptom of Gorath being in the sky.

Ozzie speaks to the Glantrian amabassador…. she denies it initially and then recalls the Carnifex. They are thought to be very powerful. Ozzie realises that this increasing knowledge about the Carnifex and Lomar… is following us around… we are the dissemination of this knowledge

Chats with Duke Stefan and the like, who say they are very busy, it provide 20,000 residium to the party activity.

Memnnon has a strange encounter with a red headed man and gives him a battered bronze shield. When he turns around to thank the man he has gone


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