Questions for Proteus

Has time been stopped in Lomar or carried on?
- yes as close as possible, it crucially Proteus can’t completely stop it.

There are groups of heroes already doing this… o other heroes have proceeded us.

The Lomarians are humans, who are the gate keepers.

The ruling family has had troubles, it will seem remarkably familiar to Ozzie when he gets there.

None of the gates had been compromised when Proteus froze the city in time.

The Carnifex were laying Seige to the city with arcane engines and other creatures.

The gate keepers can direct to where you want to go.

History suggests that Lomar had fallen and been destroyed and so doesn’t appear in history. If we go back in time we could change all our histories….. and we may not even exist.

The hourglass talks to Ozzie and wants to travel, the hourglass will gain temporal sand every time the party defeats and epic level monster. The more satisfied it gets the better it becomes as an item.

I will return you to where you came you came. The hourglass will transport you….. if you need to travel through time, the hourglass may help you… depending on how happy it is.

There are some rules
1 don’t go back on your path, it never ends well.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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