Switch turns up with a pet monkey, dressed as a wizard…. Remarkably like Ozzie’s.

A Thyatian detachment of soldiers march into the square straight towards the heroes, despite them moving to one side to let them past.

A ranking officer comes to the front and extends an invitation to us to dine at the fortress General Leiah Akbir, who is the magistrate for the town.

She is from the desert land of Ylaruam. Ozzie recalls that the place has long been fought over by Althatia and Thyatis, around 100 yrs ago a leader arose who drove out the Thyatians. He left to become an immortal. Because they are so keen on divine powers, Wizards need to be licences.

The heroes move to stay in the Golden Grape Inn.

Kathka asks what the sage drinks, which is glantrian brandy….

Varius only died last week… Apparently of natural causes .

There is a local games happening tomorrow evening sponsored by Arteris, a local merchant. She is hoping to become the Aedile for the circus area. This is sort of the magistrate and police force for the local area. Varius was the previous Aedile, possibly poisoned. Also standing is Marcus Tulis the younger.

The monkey steals several gps from Switch’s pockets and tip the bath house attendants generously. Switch doesn’t notice.

As the party head towards the fortress, Tol notices that there are half a dozen people behind us and in front of us.

A tall redhead woman says yes you have an appointment with the veiled lady. Ozzie tries to intimidate them but fails miserably.

There is a quick battle, but the heroes quickly overcome the thugs, after some questioning we discover that they are believers of the Beyond. Captain Tulius arrests the remainder.

The room is very Thyation with Ylaruam styling around the sides. There are a few members of the military and members othe aristocracy, only one hinterlander, who is the chief of the Ravens clan. His name is

We are introduced to our hostess, she wears a holy symbol of Tarastia – the immortal responsible for justice.

The clash with the Alphatians appears to be building again we discover.

During the evening the heroes discover that there is a huge amount of rivalry and the opportunity to get an expedition sponsored. We discover that Arterius is there.

There is an aggressive policy with clearing the jungle.

The party are introduced into three merchants

Lucius Tiberius Flavius…. The quieter of the three traders, trades as far from the Savage Coast.

Theodocios Quintus

Portia Valaria Tertia

Piracy it turns out is a cost of doing business, the Minradian princes are the kings of the sea and are rarely bothered by pirates, which mean that Theodocios may eventually turn to using them.

Captain Torsk enters and passes a note the Magistrate. It turns out that every single attacker had a blackened iron key on their person. The Ebon Key.

There is a portal in the fort, whichever is heavily guarded.

There have been other assaults on visitors.

Take a guide and people to carry stuff, military experts.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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