Return of the Hin

As the hereoes complete their search, they also find a ring of regeneration.

It is agreed that we hide the Returnee beacon behind the throne and then Ozzie sets up Tenser’s floating disc. And take the mummy back and burn it in the desert.

The heroes rest first. Then Memnnon raises Switch from the dead.

Tol seeks out and learns the ritual cure disease.

Ozzie finds. I reference of Obsidion cities…. Very ancient ruins there is a mention of a very old empire called Blackmoor… A human empire. Is this a reference to Lomar?

Tol cures disease on Memnnon and Switch to remove the Mummy rot.

Kathka checks at the library is secure.

The heroes gate back into the catacombs to find nothing has changed. A detailed search doesn’t find anything.

Ozzie goes back to the mural and looks for the phylatary, which shows up as a jewellery. At this stage the heroes realise that they haven’t got the lich… Uh oh.

We head through the catacombs, with a surprising memory of our dreams, managing to avoid the traps.

Heading into another room, Switch and Tol notice 4 more mummies in the alcoves defending the route to the throne room. Tol unleashes a flurry of arrows as the halfling rushes up to smack the mummy. It responds by trying to take his head off, but he ducks and it misses. The nimble hin also senses another of the rotting corposes seeking to attack him and dodges its flailing arms

The battlefield shimmers and changes as arcane and holy magic fills the air against the mummified sentinels, pushing and teleporting them across the room. The halfling continues to pummel and beat the mummy, to his horror he notices that the mummy is regenerating.

Another Mummy throws its bandages at Memnnon and pulls him to its self and whacks him with its club.

Kathka releases the dancing sword to whack the mummy, but the odour and dust of the mummy is preventing the heroes from doing what they do best..

The forth mummy comes down to the corridor and wails at the group, however it is such a feeble moan that the group laugh heartedly in the face of terror.

Ozzie moves the hurt mummy and the halfling over to the cleric so they can start taking lumps out of it, which the cleric duly does, setting fire to it with his mace.


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