Secret Ways.

Replacing the fallen shelving and the books/parchments/scrolls on them; there are no apparently magical tomes.

Switch discovers a hidden door behind a bookcase. A spiral staircase leads up to another door. Switch can’t pick this one, so Ozzie opens it using a ‘Knock’ spell. Beyond is a corridor with several door on either side, reminiscent of the dormitory area discovered earlier. Vague ‘swishing’ noises can be heard behind some doors.

Opening one door reveals the expected sleeping quarters – and another twisted creature. Switch floors the beast, but as it screams, all the other doors slam open and more beasts pour out. Ozzie’s magicks push some of the horde back, but Memnon is first attacked and then engulfed by one creature, vanishing from the corridor whilst seemingly not being contained within the creature that attacked him.

Ozzie is engulfed too, with Tol and switch both hurt. Kathra’s Exorcism of Steel buys a little breathing room, allowing Switch to slay the creature that displaced Memnon. The Tiefling reappears, only to be engulfed again by another creature mere moments later.

As Kathra is bloodied, Ozzie is freed. His Dark Gathering spell dazes the enemy, blinding and immobilising some. Memnon is able to break free and full strength again; the Heroes of Dymrak whittle down their foe – Kathra bashing and pummelling, Ozzie actually hitting with colour orb (WHOOT!!!) and Memnon’s Divine Glow finishing off the creatures.

Searching the rooms yields various papers, parchments and 120 platinum pieces (worth 100GP each)! The heroes take 20 each with the last 20 going into party treasure. The adventurers return to the Library to rest and examine the papers (Ozzie laying down a blast patch or some extra security).

Research reveals that the Librarians here were collating information and repairing volumes, not doing any real research. There is no mention of the Beyond. There are four sections to the Library; Faith, Medicine, Arts and Magic. Each section has a Chief Librarian (with a Gold medallion) and there is one Overlord Librarian.

Tol discovers a Wyvern-hide Elven folio, a travel log written some 300-400 years ago. It details the properties of herbs. A Dwarven tome covers the military applications of flora.

Kathra discovers that in places, the stonework has warped, revealing organic shapes – arms and even an eye. At one glance there are 12 courses of stone in the wall. At another; 11.

When a silver medallion is placed in a hollow on the statue in the room, a hatch clicks open, revealing the plinth to be hollow. A shaft (One crazy Motherfu-shut yo’ mouth) leads down to an illuminated room. Kathra ropes up to descend, but discovers she can float down.

There is a room, 20 foot square, lined with shelves of books. Ozzie and Memnon join Kathra in the room, discovering information on subjects such as poisons, rituals, reproduction (F’narr) and non-lethal pain. A Raise Dead scroll is found and Memnon is able to learn a ritual of Fantastic Recuperation. Switch finds a small gold & platinum statue worth circa £15k GP.

Later, as the party rests; a glowing figure (male, vaguely familiar) appears to Ozzie during his watch. It implores him to “Save the Library, drive away the foul taint, destroy it. All this is mine. Find my medallion and control everything. There is one in my tomb, at the bottom of the library. Yet it cannot be reached from the bottom. The most recent Chief Librarian will have one. Shut them out.”


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