She who speaks with the dead

Palloc and Rallus take the masks to she who speaks with the dead. She is pleased to see the return of them and will get them taken to the final resting place.
The Pride of Dymrak is nearly ready to sail.

That night there is a big feast in honour of the heroes. They are now seen as great heroes by the village. Mighty tales are told of their exploits.

The next day the heroes set sail for Ravenscarpe. There is a more positive feeling amongst the crew and we make good progress.

A day out of the xxxx islands the look out spots an undersea bow wave coming towards. It turns out that they are Kna, who ask if they have anything to trade.

Moss Shindlewood is lowered down and is very happy to trade with the Kna, they trade herbs and spices for various goods. Eric Chandler does some trade.

We are warned that devil fish are more troublesome, best thing is to stay away from them as they can suck the life out of you. They have a variety of powers and are able to use magic, some may attack at night or from underwater.

The Kna are particululary Intested in Obsidion. We discover there are some Obsidion cities at the far west of the Sea of Dread…. Which roughly lines up with the map. The Kna don’t go there as there is a huge vortex of water and powerful horrible magic.

The party sails on and days pass, and we see land approaching… Ravenscarpe!
A customs galley rows out to greet us, where we meet Lucius the customs officer who has a look around here.

Docking at the town reminds the party of Thyatis, the streets are straight and a bit cleaner. Slavery is still the way of life here. Many of the slaves are outlanders and red headed. It looks to be a civilised place.

Lucius tells us that we are likely to be celebrities for a couple of days and word will be out that we have arrived.


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