Shut the door

The door opens and Tol calls upon the divine power of his God to hit the Obsidion guardians, as the heroes work to draw them away from the room.

The crystal construct moves forward and launches a bombardment into the room smashing shards of crystal through the heroes.

All around the room the crystals pulse and dim and the lich moves up to the crystal and starts manipulating the central crystal before moving back into the shadows. The central gem’s light pulses and swirls around.

Ozzie’s prismatic burst blinds much of the enemy. But owned still comes through and releases a burst of light, pushing the halfling back across the room.

Back in the room the crystals pulse again, as Memnnon charges forward he smashes the Obsidion creature with his mace.

Tol loses off as couple of arrows at the Obsidion golem, killing it, while Ozzie pushes the construct back into the crystal room.

The lich disappears off into the darkness. Ozzie and Memmnnon feel the hairs on the back of their neck rise as the crystals again pulse.

A howling wind swirls around Tol and he sends it out to push the Obsidion creature into the room followed by Kathka.

Ozzie teleports all the remaining creatures and teleports them away for a limited period. Memnnon charges through the fray and attempts to push the pulsing crystal over. Memnnon feels the crystal draining some of his energy from him.

Switch ask so races into the room and smashes one of the crystals. It explodes out covering him with shards, as Tol’s arrows take out another shard., as Kathka moves in to wait for the return of the creatures.

Memnnon tries to take control of the pulsing ruby and turns it off. He mutters a quiet prayer to Halav as the crystal goes dark., switch smacks the the crystal construct, smashing it. Ozzie teleports over to the crystal and depowers it, the second crystal construct.

Across the other side of the room the red crystal shard starts to glow brighter and brighter. Memmnnon shouts to Ozzie to cover the remaining crystal as he goes after the lich. Tol sends the construct to the other end of the room and dispatches it with a single bowshot.. Ozzie turns off the last of the crystal shards.

Memnnon is confused as to where the lich has gone and calls out he can’t see the lich. Switch runs off down the stairs to see if he can find the lich. Whilst Kathka drops a sunroof down the hole and estimates that the bottom is 60 feet down.

The final golem comes back and is shot by the ranger.

The heroes convince Ozzie to create a dimension door to the bottom, except it’s 20 feet short. He bravely jumps through and hurts himself. The halfling runs all the way down the stairs to the bottom.

The heroes stand guard as the injured wizard slowly gets up. Kathka gets the feeling that she is in a very old very deep place.. Around the room are 4 more of the large rubies on pedestals that were up stairs. Standing in the middle is the lich, which the ranger let’s lose with his bow..

The lich gestures at Tol and lainches a magic missle at the ranger. Wraithes start to coalesce out of the stonework.,

Switch charges down the stairs and into the wraith whacking it very hard.

Tol fires at the lich, he misses and then runs off to push the other wraith away from Ozzie and Memnnon. Behind him, he hears a dwarven warcry as she charges the lich, striking him. Ozzie teleports into the room and uses crushing Titans fist to hit the creature. The lich gestures dismissively and writhing tentacles appear across the room and the lich tries to push the dwarf away. Ozzie swipes a backward wave at the wraith as it floats past to attack the cleric. Amazingly he connects, the crack on the head.

Memnnon strikes it pushing it back and cursing it.

Ozzie notices that the appearance of the tentacles caused the the energy I in the globes to lessen slightly.. The tentacles burst out of the stone but don’t appear to have damaged the stone other than to slime them and make them appear as they are now from another plane.

Switch charges into the fray, striking deep at one of the tentacles, Tol misfires.

Kathka strikes at the lich. Ozzie changes his orbs as the lich pushes the halfling away, but the dwarf holds his ground.

Ozzie teleports in to the room next to the orbs and is grabbed by a tentacles. The spheres plus as light floods the chamber, some of the tentacles. And the lich heal.

Kathka lights up his sword into a fiery blade, smacking the lich and cleaving through to one of the tentacles, killing it, as it dries he falls onto the floor.

Ozzie teleports to one of the orbs as the lich fires a bolt of lightning at Kathka., which arcs around the room but still singing the other heroes.

Memnnon teleports away from the wraiths gaze and into the room, before moving the tentacle more into the consecrated ground.

Radiance brilliance swirls around Kathka as Halav’s power coalesces around her. The halfling darts into to stab the lich deep into its side..

Kathka gets up and moves against the lich striking it with a reaving strike. The strike causes fire to strike Ozzie and Switch, before Ozzie then teleports the small team and the lich into the zone of consecrated ground.

The lich strides out the area taking damage from each of the heroes and then throws up a wall to prevent the heroes coming through.

Kaboom. Kathka explodes with radiant brilliance, which fizzles out, but doesn’t hit the lich as the wall of force fizzles it out

Switch takes out one of the tentacles, whilst Kathka takes out one of the crystals.

Ozzie drops his wall of fire onto the lich and then flees,as the lich lumbers after him, firing magic missiles at him. Wraithes appear out to the wood work after the fleeing wizard, who uses his arcane mastery to cause its fetid breath to pass around him, as he flees down the corridor.

Memnnon starts to heal up the halfling., who strikes out at the tentacle holding him. Finally Tol reaches the room to see what is going on.

Ozzie sustains the wall teleports away from the lich and wraiths and then staggers down the corridor., pursued by a wraith.

Tol yields ground to the wraith after him. Switch starts beating down the wall and Memnnon starts destroying the wall of force.

To Ozzie’s delight the ranger appears around the corner and sends the wraith back down the corridor before healing the bleeding wizard., who then rushes into the room calling for Memnnon’s help, who moves to the centre of the group and calls on Halav’s healing power to heal the group..

Ozzie turns off one of the orbs and Memmnon moves over to try and control one of the other ones.

Kathka’s strike destroys the wall and the halfling screams in pain as the lich enters his head.

Ozzie teleports over and starts turning off the other beams.

Chain lightning bursts out around the halfling and then bounces across the room.

Memnnon races around the wall of fire. And then unleashes radiant attack on the lich. Tol fires at the lich misses and then uses his natural powers to call down howling winds to force the lich into wall of fire.

Memnnon heals himself and charges into the fray. Getting slightly singed from the wall of fire on the way, his mighty strike pushing the lich into the flames and it dies, crumbling to dust.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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