Switch and The smokey pipe weed.

The party return to Specularum.

Switch is invited to meet the family at the Golden Goblet.

Switch is surprised to see his family there waiting for him.

Switch discovers that he been sold out. Linda has sold out to the Black Feather Pipeweed consortium…. and we don’t know where Lindl is.

Switch had 50% of the shares and it’s all been sold to Lindl.

Mother has found Lindl, he is at the temple of Petra. And isn’t in a good way. The halflings make their way through the streets to the temple of Petra.

Read approaches a temple guard to ask about Lindl. He is behind the shrine, and has been healed. He was badly beaten up..

There are wounds about his head and face, most likely blunt weapons.

Lindl was on his way to save Dora…. who is the subject of Switch’s affections from way back. Dora had been captured. Lindl was moving.

Dora’s letter said that he was to go to the street of lost dreams after he had voted to hand over control of the company. He was jumped by thugs as he headed down. The big folk had cowls and there were 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. The thugs weren’t comfortable with their masks.

Switch asked who he has spoken to since the vote.. he gives the letter to Switch

Switch gives Lindl a healing potion and offers to look after him.

Danya Radu, Switches business partner comes I and is threatened by Read, after Danya calms him down and Radu tells him he will help, once they find out who has been putting the pressures on Lindl and thus Dora.

Switch heads off to see the King of thieves,…. its the closest you get to a good guild of thieves, but they are not very organised. A lot of the criminality is laid at the feet of the veiled society. However it is generally believed the veiled society stand up for .Tradalirans…. nobody has ever proved a link between the veiled society and the Radu ’s and lived. Something has happened to the veiled society and taken over and stolen their uniforms.

Nobody has seen Anton Radu for a while… and he is head of the merchants Guild.

Switch discovers the Black feather consortium have muscled in on the Veiled Society.

Switch suggests going to the street of lost dreams and puts the artefact on Read and plans to wander over the streets.

Read and switch head over to the street of lost dreams….as they wander through the streets, Read attracts attention from 2 or 3 people.. Read stops by a window and lets his stealthy followers they have been spotted. They respond by offering to help him. He asks about the black featherConsortium. They both seem to have a lump under their cloaks which might be a crossbow.

Thems as asks about the black feather, they discuss things shortly, but it ends in a scrap. Switch sees that there is gong to be scrap and runs along the roof and jumps off to confront his Dad’s assailant. Read takes a blow before Switch can get between the thugs and his father. However Read takes down the 2 thugs and Switch runs through to intimidate the crossbow thug who fires the cross bow and flees. Switch chases him and catches him. Read takes off the amulet and becomes a bin and chases after this son.

Switch finds out where the safe houses are as well as Dora. However he is spotted as the murder of the thug, but both hin climb up to the roof and escape.

The halflings retire to Jamie’s Alphatian and find Danya, where they very generously buy the wizard supper and update him in where Dora is.

As they approach, switch swings up onto the roof and sees one guarding the door, he tells the heroes to be quiet as he swings down and with 2 blows offs the guard, opens it and lets in the family and Danya.

The battle ensues as the family Windchime go to war. Gabriella opens the door to find Dora. She cries I’ve found her, Switch disengages from his assailant and goes to Dora’s rescue.

Dora is rescued.

Count Radu and many of the family are tied up here and Danya’s reputation is enhanced.


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