Switch deals in Darkweed

Guild Corser would be interested in dealing in a minimum of 20 cartloads to Minrothad.

The Guild would want exclusive access to Switch’s supply chain.

Switch would need to sub contact to other members of the 5 shires.

100 gps for 1000 gold in weight.

Dark weed….. They would need samples. Gregus is happy to accept a pouch.

Gregus is keen for Switch to sign receipt of the sample and guaranteeing that if Guild Corser like Darkweed then Switch will be the sole supplier. It also says that Switch can’t offer this to any other guild for 2 (minrothad) months, 60 days, and they won’t deal with anyone else other than Switch for the same time period..

Switch signs and is invited back to Gregus’ place for dinner that evening as is the tradition following making a deal.


misterc misterc

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