Tactile maps

The party takes a drawing and rubbing of the map. During the rubbing of the map, Kathka accidentally brushes one of the gemstones and is momentarily bemused to hear it asking a question of her. She is being asked to identify something. Suddenly Kathka takes a psychic shock for not replying. And then in her mind she makes out the name Azaht’h Which Ozzie identifies as a proper name, logically a place.

Ozzie doesn’t get any feeling that this is a portal tool, but a teaching tool for the cities.

Switch suddenly wonders aloud as to whether the lands have suffered some sort of movement and don’t resemble the world as we know it but before continental drift.

Memnnon impulsively touches the big red ruby and get a feeling that he is being questioned, he says Yehog, and the maps eminates feeling of pleasure and Memnnon gains a healing surge. This appears to be the capital of the empire.

Tol touches the green Jewel on the southern continent. He also gets the querying thought and takes 9 points of damage and learns that the area is called Ishtur’koth.
Tol then runs his finger along the red border and receives a slight feeling of satisfaction. Outside of the border there is a feeling of its not quite so nice.

Switch puts the map into the bag of holding and Memnnon and Ozzie create Tenser’s floating disc to carry the treasure through to the lost library portal.

We head back to go through the locked door and get rid of the tentacular monstrosity.

Ozzie prepares his beguiling strands to push the tentacles back down the grid. Switch picks the lock and discovers that the door is also magically locked. After his initial success he fumbles and snaps his thrives tools and resets the door and it triggers. Ozzie casts knock on the door and then cracks the lock. It opens into a circular room, with chubby holes and covered in scrolls.

The arcane power in the room allows easier casting of arcane and religious rituals. This is too much for Ozzie and he wanders in, pulls out a scroll, nearly cutting his hands on it, it is metallic, but thin and flexible. And the writing is in outer realm in a bright blue pigment, appearing to be chant or invocation. The writing appears to be something that might happen in a religious ceremony. Memnnon’s feeling is that it would appear to be a devotion to Arkha’l.

Kathka can’t identify the metal, but Memnnon gets a tingle for two of the scrolls and carefully pulls them out. Ozzie reads them, these contain a ritual to banish a servant of great power. It permanently banishes the being but needs a “being such as thine own self to guard the way.” This means a being of the same race, and a resurrect will remove the guard.

There are around 500 scrolls in the room, which it is agreed should be transferred through to the library.

The Mage hand removes the gold trinkets from the mummified bodies around the tentacular monstrosity’s 6 sets of pectoral, armbands and coronets and armbands… Each set is worth 5000 gp each. They are ancient and oddly proportioned..

The party agrees to collapse the entrance, as Ozzie collects up the treasure and pushes it through to the portal in the library.

We collapse the entrance to the Obsidion city.

We take the bodies back out to the young man outside who is pathetically grateful to see that we have survived. We carry the bodies back to the village.

On return we are instructed to leave the bodies in the house of the dead. Where the old hag deals with them.

Next morning. We present the map to the village chief and say we’re not entirely sure as to whether the monster is guarding the maps and so may come after this.


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