Taking control

Leaving the control room we head down a corridor and see an offset door which above it says Cold control.

Memnnon casts endure elements on the group before we enter the Cold control room.

Entering the room is a rectangular crystal in the centre and 4 constructs bustle around the room. Looking in there is a blast of frigid cold air.

One face of the crystal lights with an unearthly light. Tol and Ozzie decide that getting in front of the beam from the crystal is not a good idea.

Ozzie teleports to the first place. And almost falls off the pedestal. Tol also climbs up and as does Althea.

One of the constructs moves over to Memnnon and Switch and says. The portal must be shut.

The light shines and another construct comes up and says stand back. Unusually Switch complies as does Memnnon, the construct relaxes and the door closes.

Althea is bombarded with strange sensory information and can’t cope with the sensory overload and is stunned. However he recovers and starts to understand what is gong on.

Switch and Memnnon reopen the door in time to see Ozzie take control and the construct charges the out to confront them. Switch stabs it and the battle commences with Memnnon stepping in to support his colleague.

Meanwhile Tol gets a feeling of everything sliding into place and the Ozzie and Althea does as well. We now have control of one of the energy types of the ziggurat. We also suspect that the Carnifex have arcane, force and elemental. This is unusual and the heroes struggle to get their head around air energy or earth energy.

We become aware that there is a door in the far corner that leads to the power source. This suggests that all the control rooms have a door to their power source. The cold is good for the ziggurat moving, so not so much when it’s not moving. There is so much more that the heroes don’t understand. There are also more power sources, at least one we are yet to be aware of. We understand that all constructs are now allies, we can now give constructs actions. There is also a sense of where other control rooms are.

The heroes return to the force control room. We take an extended rest in the force control room. While Switch is on guard he notices nothing.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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