The Big Doors

The next day the party sails down to the big doors. Memnnon identifies that the doors are dedicated to the immortal Proteius, and other underea dwelling immortals. The door is slightly ajar.

Memnnon further identifies that the door also honours Asterius, trade and merchants and thieves. It is assumed to be the door to a temple. Memnnon opens the double doors wide and is momentarily startled as the temple lights up with the opening of the doors.

The room is spacious and quite obviously for ritual puposes. The inhabitants are quite clearly not followers of Protieus . More ghouls!


Ozzie teleports the ghouls closer. The high priest ghoul casts a cloud of darkness and disppears before appearing between Ozzie and Memnnon. The creature strikes at Memnnon, but he dodges it and teleports away using the power of his escape tattoo. A second strike misses the slightly traumatised wizard.

The ghouls move to feed on the party. One makes the mistake of trying to eat Memnnon and is burned to a crisp from his infernal wrath. Ozzie kills several of the zombies, but misses the high priest, which disappears and reappears to try and bite Memnnon. The smell of the undead starts to affect the party’s ability to strike at the enemy.

Tol runs up onto the altar and fires wildly at the prone high priest.

The battle rages around the temple, many of the party are repeatedly dazed by the high priest. The ghoulish high priest takes huge chunks out of the Teifling, blood flows freely from the cleric. Tol shoots the ghoul and exhalts his deity to heal the bleeding cleric.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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