The big feast

Switch and Memnnon go to the merchants quarter to meet with the merchants.

The buildings are reasonably fine residents, shops. There is a lot of traffic. The temple for the quarter is also the temple of Proteus. There are a lot of golems working here as well.

The area is well patrolled, and guards are requisitioning a lot of stuff.

The merchants guild house is a hive of activity. The mood is very very unhappy… the merchants are seeing everything being stripped from them. There are lots of people standing on soap boxes shouting about their problems.

Tal is the head of the merchants guild. He is shrewd man and obviously working out the opportunities. He takes Switch and Memnnon through to a private chamber and calls a

Jeepal and Custorian are his most trusted colleagues. Switch talks through the problems of the current situation. As the merchants guild their role will be pivotal in this, in terms of distribution of resources.

Jeepal chimes in that we are the most successful traders in the room. Memnnon knocks his mace on the table and tells him that the Carnifex will not be active in trading.

Tal takes control of the situation and takes the point. He is more cognisant of the situation and Custorian is quiet through the time. Memnnon finds her very difficult to read…almost inhumanly difficult to read. Her eyes narrow. Memnnon tries to attack, and she draws her head back with a longer neck than is normal. Switch reacts first to the danger and leaps across to backstab her. She spits venom at Switch, narrowly avoiding his eyes. Then she tries to escape.

Jeepal reacts and draws his sword and kills her. Her body rolls out through the door shocking the. People outside.

Jeepal reacts to say this puts things in a different light, Memnnon rouses the merchants. There is a mob charging into the plaza of immortals. They have come from the dark side and are shouting to be let through to see the emperor. There seems to be a small group of agitators.

Memnnon stands up and draws upon the power of the shield of Halav and calls upon, the people of Lomar. Switch tells them there is a plan to evacuate the city, that we are all in it together. He says to collect the resources together ready for evacuation. There is some muttering

She is very sad, it there is also a strong level of storms. A wonderful man, a bit scatty, coming to terms, phenomally brave, best warrior he has ever seen, Pol was a swordsman, spent so little time in the palace. Some of the army escaped to report back.

Eat with right hand, don’t discard stuff, offer to the slaves. The majority of friends in the armour, very close to his brothers wife, who is Princess Felent. Prince Belebane. Ozzie brother. He spent most of his time in the bright ward….in the entertainment quarter.

Prince Belebane resented being the younger brother, the princess is surprised when we tell her. As we ponder this there is great commotion and the guards are rushing to defend.

There is a mob coming we are going to turn them round your majesty
Princess Omarlith….

Ozzie casts the light of reality on the entrance to the feast and informs the emperor that they curtail the feast and share the remainder of the food with the people of the dark ward.

Memnnon’s suggestions goes down quite well. Fortunately no abberant creatures are detected. Switch picks up some muttering in corners about dissatisfaction with the emperor’s rule. There are a couple of high priests to talk to

There are six stars at the feast and a couple of commanding officers at the feast, but not the general.

Ozzie gets the oddest feeling that Gorana is coming onto Ozzie in a strange way. Ozzie gently rebuffs him.

In the merchants quarter Tol discovers where Custodian lives…. her quarters appear to be slightly run down. Tol knocks on the door and then tries to pick the lock… which he does. Althea doesn’t notice anyone paying attention to them and then they step inside.

They explore the building and notice some bright lights flashing out of the towers of the stars from the military ward and the scholars ward. Althea finds a body on one of the room…there is a terrified look on the body…. it’s not the Custodian, it is likely to be a high ranking servant of the household. Tol things the body has been dead for a week or more. They find three more servants in the building.

All the stars except the scholars and military ward are there. They are enjoying the meal. The high priests are interested in talking about getting people out. Memnnon notices a young woman who approaches him and looks to self assured, she has Proteus ward on her head and ring which she takes off to reveal herself as a tiefling.

Memnnon speaks to the tiefling, to say you are another one of the adventurers who Proteus has also sent. Her team has also been lost. She is relieved to see Memnnon. He explains the plan to her. They were just there to observe.


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