The Control Room

A quick discussion between the characters means they’ll blow the door open and charge in.
They charge Into a huge lit room, which has a strong purple glow. There are steps down to a lower level.

2 of the control blocks are occupied by Carnifex, a wizards type copying runes and several of the troglodytes and Obsidion golems guarding the stairs and some of the scintillating guardians.

Tol calls upon his howling winds to push the Obsidion guardian away from the stairs and charges down to the lower level, past the defenders and gets to the door, Ozzie follows and pushes the two creatures in the way out of the way and then teleports closer to the ranger. Memnnon follows on.

The worm creature from the beyond heads back to confront the cleric of Halav, who is not fazed. The other creature from the beyond moves over to the edge and casts a beam of cold and necrotic energy at Memnnon and gives the yielding a Paddington Hard stare, whilst the halfling goes rogue and charges over to stab some of the guardians and the golem

Now the guardians start to scintillate and move, pulsing a burst of energy towards Tol and Ozzie, which the two heroes dodge. Meanwhile the golem goes after the halfling knocking him over, he continues to dodge and roll. Ozzie takes a slam and is knocked over. He manages to avoid the stamp, but is badly hurt.

Althea runs into the room and jumps into the battle, landing gently on the floor next to the prone wizard. She then marks the enemy, before changing into a Magma brute.

On the upper level another Carnifex appears and comes over to attack the hapless halfling.

Memnnon moves over and creat s a healing circle which heals the ranger and the wizard.

The power flux in the centre has started to turn purple. Across the room the wormy wizard from the beyond douses Tol in its wordiness, with worms, but he relapses it is an illusion and is stunned, Althea retaliates and pushes the monster back around the corner.

Switch stands up and shifts off the ledge, and with his sword lands next to the prone troglodyte.

The Carnifex jumps down and Switch tries to hit the dinosaur, but hits himself, quite hard and then the Carnifex stabs him again. Switch passes out. Ozzie teleports him out of danger and then drags him through the door which Althea has just opened. Memnnon casts a healing spell on the blood soaked wizard and the halfling… Bringing the small person round. Memnnon then turns and casts daunting light. Althea is stunned by the gaze of the wormy creature, Tol is too horrified to move. Switch stands up and pulls the ranger through.

The guardian comes into the corridor and fires its scintillating burst, many of the characters are hurled down the corridor…. Althea unfortunately is pushed back into the room and is blinded


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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