The Deathroom and the Draco lich

Tol pushes the hatch.ing swarm away and heads over to disarm the crystal. He is almost immediately successful.

The hatchling swarm gets up and attacks Althea, restraining her. She tries to get out of the attack, but fails this time around.

Ozzie teleports one of the swarms out of the door and Memnnon closes the door on them. ..
And the Draco lich turns back from being the Draco squirrel, Switch strikes it and it strikes back stunning the thief.

Tol pushes the swarm away and races to support Memnnon shutting down the portal, closely pursued by the undead swarm.

The Draco lich speaks to the party. “What is happening in the outside world tell me…. oh what was I supposed to be doing? Yes… stopping you.” The creature breaths on Tol and Memnnon, stunning them.

Althea burrows under the earth bursting up amongst the swarm with a thunderous crash. Ozzie sends one of the swarms elsewhere and then runs across the ziggurat to support the warden, dazing one of the swarms and setting it on fire, before teleporting down to turn the crystal off.

“I shouldn’t tell you this, but this is the most fun I have had in millennia. I long to die and escape this prison, if you kill me I will tell you where to find my phylactery

The swarm tries to attack Ozzie, But Althea interrupts their attack and pushes them away from the embattled wizard.

The dracolich flies over and breaths on the warden and the wizard with its awful breath

Althea discusses the Carnifex influence and discovers that once we disable the room he will not attack. Althea shakes the earth and strikes all the undead and the dracolich and heals the wizard as she leaps to cover him whilst he attempts to disable the gemstone. Ozzie starts to turn off the fourth gemstone.

Across the room Memnnon turns off the other gemstone and rushes across the room, healing himself and the wizard.

The Dracolich gazes balefully at the Warden, attempting to stun her, but she is holding one of the anti stun cubes and resists. The dracolich cries with glee “well done, I was amused at the funny little halfling tying to each it before I stunned him.

Tol sprints across the room again and using his howling winds to push the swarm away from the creatures, their attack staggers the Warden and she is bleeding profusely.

The dracolich flies down and breathes over the warden and the wizard, knocking the warden unconscious. Ozzie turns the last of the crystals off and tells the dracolich to back off. The dracolich is bitterly disappointed, Tol exalts warden and brings him back to life, Switch opens the door to get out and finds the other swarm still trying to get in. The heroes flee the room with Memnnon laying down healing as fast as he can

Before you leave a word of advice and a request. I can’t sense everything, it time is running out. Speak to the temporal masters and ask them to release me.

I have battle the beyond to prevent control of this node. You will find the hour glass beneath the master control room. It is also felt that the beyond

“The control room as I know it is a two level room. The top level has six control blocks, the central area are the doors leading to a room where thee is a portal to the room where the hourglass. There is a central power core which.

The Death room control allows Memnnon to possibly use the necrotic power as a weapon. It is possible to use the control locks in the control room.

After a discussion, it is decided to go and get the hourglass.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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