The golden map

The Obsidion statues animate as Switch runs past .
Ozzie rearranges the battlefield to make sur none of the statues are anywhere near him as the battle breaks out.

Kathka takes a hit from the statues, knocking her prone and it then it stamps on her head…hard, stunning the dwarven hero.

The two remaining statues move out of the alcoves towards, the thieving hin, encircling him and proceed to beat and stamp on him mercilessly, Kathka is also being flung around on the floor, smearing dwarven blood everywhere.

Ozzie pushes some of the Obsidion golems away from his bleeding allies. He and Tol also notice that the movement of the golems has revealed the grating through which the smoky tendrils may appear at any time.

These creatures have no emotion and it is unnerving the party, as they aren’t used to fighting an enemy with such a lack of emotion. Memnnon also take a pasting and is knocked over and stamped on and stunned.

Ozzie pushes the golems into the map room and Tol runs down and shuts the door, before quickly healing Switch.

There comes the sounds of crashing and smashing on the other side of the door. Ozzie teleports down and helps Kathka to stand up, Tol moves down to assist the stunned Cleric down and out of the way, as he comes around.

The bashing gets louder as the heros prepare for the next onslaught. Kathka holds the vanguard, as the remaining heroes stay out of the way.

The door smashes in multiple pieces, Ozzie teleports 2 of the golems back into the room, as the other heroes shoot at the enemy. The third golem steps up to Kathka and knocks her over again.

Tol’s shot glances off the golem in front of Kathka, it explodes in a million shards of razor sharp Obsidion. The others move out of the room.

The other golem goes down to Memnnon’s mace. The remaining one moves past Kathka and Memnnon, who each take lumps out it, preventing it from reaching Switch. Who backs down the corridor firing his bow at it. Kathka takes a last swipe at it and smashes it to

The party eagerly puts the golden jigsaw together to reveal

The glorious empire of Y’hog.


There are also more stone boxes on the walls. The pieces of the jigsaw are estimated to total up 40,000gps. The rest of the 9 boxes are examined. 5 of them rattle. All of them have been wrapped magically in stone. Tol goes down to keep a look out. Kathka smashes open the first rock to find three platinum circlets. Each is worth 3,000 gap.

Chest number 2 has a pectoral worth 10,000 go and the is something vaguely repellent about it.

The third one has 2 Obsidion daggers, each handle is carved from a single ruby and worth 5,000gp each.

The forth box is heavy and spills out hundreds of silver rings. None of them are quite right for human fingers. Each ring is worth about 30 GPS and switch counts out 400 rings.

The last chest is the heaviest of the lot and is stacked full of silver bars. 500 bars and each is worth 20 gps.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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