The Great Hall

Won't you join us as dinner?

It occurs to Ozzie that the trading post was set up 20-30 years to soon because Ravenscarpe wasn’t established. Now there is a Thyatian outpost and this cove would be very viable.

Beyond the double doors and into the feasting room. In there are the smart ghouls. On the two sides of the room are 2 masks which don’t appear to fit with the rest of the room.

The doors open and a volley of crossbow bolts greet the heroes, the front row is dazed by the volley, Tol utters a war cry and returns fire, as Switch stumbles into the room. Memnnon calls on his deity to protect the party from these could creatures,

Ozzie lays down a vision of rotting meat to draw in the zombies, but some resist. And he becomes a potential pin cushion

The voice that invited us in had a slightly archaic.

The moping up continues as Kathka cleaves through the ghouls.

Another ghoul scuttles in and rapidly crosses the battlefield to get into Ozzie’s face! For its troubles it gets an arrow from the bow meister, Tol, as a small ball of fury rushes into help out his arcane colleague, plunging his sword into its back.

The fast mover is dispatched by Kathka. The rest of the ghouls have disappeared into the next chamber. A crossbow bolt races out of the darkness and sinks itself into Memnnon’s side.

Further up the room appears to be a throne room.on the throne is a darkness, behind which is another of these masks.

Toll races towards the wall and basically flies up the wall, drawing he now and firing suppressing shots at the enemy.

Ozzie teleports up behind Tol and takes out a few of the bad guys, he also discovers that in the darkness is a powerful undead creature. Who suddenly appears in the guise of young girl in the midst of the party and dominates Switch.

Another fast mover appears from around the corner and takes withering fire from Tol’s splintering shot.

Switch tries to stab the wizard, who teleports away from the vicious blade of the ungrateful hairy halfling.

Ozzie unleashes his prismatic beams to no great effect. Kathka releases the dancing sword to get the girl. The girl teleports next to Ozzie, who asks her, her name. Which is Alaster and her mummy. She tries to bite Ozzie but misses, whilst the other three come and try to bite the hapless wizard. One of who, sinks its teeth into his rump, dazing him.

Switch backstabs the fast mover for 58 points of damage, Ozzie teleports away from danger but remains bloodied. The dancing sword swings into action and strikes a mighty blow against the fast mover.

The little girl teleports in pursuit of Ozzie and strikers him savagely, causing greviously bodily harm, once again Ozzie’s robes run red. The fast mover dies from the power of Memnnon’s consecrated ground.

Tol gives a cry of exhalation, this reinvigorates Ozzie, as Switch sneaks around and stabs the girl. Ozzie rearranges the battlefield and teleports the girl away with Switch in pursuit. Kathka’s dancing sword sashes up to the girl and strikes her.

She teleports away and after the cleric, biting him and immobilising him, his infernal wrath burns her undead soul.

Tol drops all his weapons, as Switch smoothly shifts across the battlefield and with a mighty blow fells the undead girl.

Tol investigates the throne…. Which is actually a rather fine chair, which has some nice sapphires set into it.

Memnnon and Ozzie investigate the masks which they decide are the cause of the curse, or tied into the curse.

Switch and Tol investigate the chair. He prises out the first sapphire, the second sapphire and reckons they are worth about 5000gp each.
The girl has a small wooden doll.. Kathka remarks he also saw a wooden duck.

Referring to the journal, it is suspected that the carvings may have been stolen from the locals.. Ozzie calls up one of the canoe boys who is not happy to be seeing the masks here. He tells us they should be in the final resting place. This is only known by she who speaks with the ancestors.

The party spends the rest of the day clearing up the bodies and burning them with the rotting wood.

Tol goes for a swim and finds the remains of bones and bits of sunken ship. It’s clear that ships have been lured or bought in here semi regularly..

The party overnights at the bay, the party wakes to find they had pleasant restful dreams, although none of them can be recalled.


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