The Island in the middle of the sea

There is something happening in the world…. what was once unknown is now becoming known.

When the heroes are finally ready Proteus reappears before the party, transferring them to his watery world.

I hope you are ready, your boat is ready, I propose you travel to the location of Lomar and then use the hourglass to go back to the right time.

Tol asks if we have a choice as to what time we as to the time. Proteus tells him, that he has set the hourglass to a time he has chosen…. about 3 days. He suggests we do not delay longer than a day.

Ozzie asks about what they are trying to do. Memnnon reminds the party that the aim is to overload the portals. Our job is to stop the portals being destroyed.

Ozzie recalls that the Gatekeepers are about limiting the use of the portals and that they are the key to the problem.

Ozzie realises that the bit between portals is the beyond. Can we move Lomar in space or time?

We find ourselves on the Pride of Dymrak, already to sail. It has been upgraded to travel on its own.

The ritual has create portal chart and there are charts in the cabin for Specularium, Threshold, Thyatis City, Ravenscarp, and a small island in the ocean somewhere…. Lomar.

Each chart costs 100gp worth of Residium to create.

We set sail…. a big storm rises up and encircles the Pride of Dymrak, which remains rock steady, a very short time later, the storm abates and we are in an open ocean, in the distance there is a smalll island. Proteus suddenly comes back into our mind…. I would suggest you park the boat a good distance away from the Island… so if the island reappear the Pride won’t be in the sea any more.

The island is scrubby, but there are some bits of rubble which appear to be old buildings.

The heroes steer their vessel away to clear the of the island when it rises out of the sea. A luminous dolphin appears swimming in front of the vessel, until we are in an appropriate place.

Lightning strikes from a clear sky encircling the party in a greyish silver sphere. We appear in a muddy plane, with a loud noise. Ozzie is overwhelmed by the raw feeling of arcane power. He feels that he may be able to take advantage of this in some way.

Looking around the colours are brighter and more vibrant. Underneath all of this Tol and Memnnon feel a dull throbbing of psychic pressure, they feel that taking long rests may be difficult. This feels like and outside influence is affecting it.

There are huge divots out of the mud and rocks… to the right is a city wall and to the left there is an army of beings heading towards the city. The sound of battle assails our senses. There is a large gate and a tall tower.

Over towards the city there is a horn blast and from the army there is a roaring snarling bark, which Memnnon recognises them as instructions…. in Y’hog. “Spies, get them.

The heroes flee towards the wall, two bright lights shine behind us…. the Crystalline blast hits Althea and misses Ozzie, bouts of mud fly up.

A body of humanoids are advancing in an ordered manner out of the gate.

The Crystalline guardians and a mass of troglodytes are charging towards the heroes and a Carnifex with a bony shield and horns on its head is controlling the army.

Tol fires his bow over his shoulder at one of the Crystalline structures to cause it to miss.

Now close enough to the infantry, Memnnon calls out to them to say we are on your side. The infantry stop and form a phalanx, to the side are archers. The heroes stop turn and fire at the oncoming army, before heading into the city.

The soldiers have a Mediterranean hue to them, they wear bronze helmets, white tunics, a bronze armour crickets.

We are ushered into the walls of the city. The city looks like it has already taken a battering. The gates are held open by large clay golems, shutting the gates after the infantry come in.

Memnnon greets the soldiers challenge and then The soldier turns and gasps as he sees Ozzie. “Prince Polthea I’m so sorry I didn’t recognise you.” Ozzie returns the response butisn’t understood, so fakes his voice being lost and Memnnon steps in. The soldier says I shall take you to your father immediately. The heroes go a,long with this.

Travelling through the city, the buildings are old fashioned and have taken a beating. There are a lot of people running back and forwards. Golems are moving materials around. There is a lot of magical activity occurring in some ways.

At the centre of the Plaza of immortals is a tower with a gemstone on the top. At the plaza of the immortals there are people who are looking haggard tired and hungry and yet the appearance of Ozzie has brought some hope to them. There are people caring for sick and injured people.

During a short rest Ozzie can absorb some of the arcane energy and in the first round has a +2 to hit and damage.

Entering the palace there are guards and also military golems around the place. Again there is a buzz as they realise that Prince Pol is back. Ozzie goes to a gardrobe and casts comprehend languages on himself to understand. Entering the palace room there are several people in the room looking around.

There is the emperor, a Young woman, a young man who is a splitting image of the emperor. There are 6 people in wizardly ceremonial robes and three priests and some artisan types and some scholarly types and a lizardman.

When the emperor sees Ozzie he stands taller and the year. Ozzie greets his father and is also embraced by the younger human.

The people in the room are

Emperor Eric Salt h the third
pols wife Princess Omalith
The emperor’syoungest son Prince Sidon
General Moliff the military
Ziti the lizard kin
All the stars can’t be here at the moment. But there are some of them present

Ozzie has a wierd feeling looking at the Stars, as hung at her waist is a dagger that appears exactly like the dagger that Ozzie has lost….

The three high priest

There is an elderly man who looks hale and hearty, he has a patch over one eye…. he is probably a priest of Odin. Another has a sunburst symbol with of Ixion and a the heart with a rose… Valerius… the girder of protection.

There are also representatives from the merchants and the scholars guild.

The siege continues… over 30 days. The city is overwhelmed by refugees. Moliff the general says they are playing with us, they aren’t even trying to come in.

They have tried to get in through the portals, which we have now locked down. We believe to have caught all the infiltrators. The infiltrators have come from…

There are increasing moments of discontent in certain quarters, that we should make peace with the Carnifex.

When the infiltrators came through the portals and then

There is a huge obelisk on the on the far side of the army is probably affecting us.

All forms of traditional govt suspended.

Izondian lizards… they helped us.

When Ozzie tells the emperor where they have come from. The lizardman is impressed. Ozzie also thanks the lizardman for his kin’s support in aiding their escape.


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