The lord of the Shadowfell

Switch rolls in to support Memnnon, stabbing the bone creature, dispatching it, but it collapses in an explosion of blood drops and bone shard showering Memnnon and stunning him.

Tol squeezes out of the side of the Lord of the Shadowfell and launches a twin strike at the creature.

Ozzie becomes insubstantial and moves out of the body of the creature before setting it on fire. The Lord of the Shadowfell teleports after the wizard trying to strike him, but misses, whilst Tol continues to fire at the giant shadow.

The earth shakes as Althea attacks, her attack causes thunder to rumble and necrotic energy lashes out at the brave elf.

The sword of the Lord of the Shadowfell continues to fly around, only hitting Althea, before going after the cleric. And pushing the hapless ranger into the wizard’s wall of fire. He staggers. Out of the fire.

Ozzie uses the Protean hourglass to speed up time and push the Lord into the fire again. The Lord teleports out of the fire and back next to the wizard, before tying to cut up the wizard, rogue and the cleric, missing them all. Ozzie teleports out of the way of the swinging shadow blade. Ozzie pushes it away before it teleports back in to attack the party

Switch slides behind the creature and backstabs it and dispatches the creature which explodes in all directions. There is an immediate change in the nature of the realm. It is less oppressive and not as empty.

Memnnon finishes his ritual and we feel that we have the realm. For a good while.

We set up the temple and agree who goes forward. The roster as to who goes and who stays has changed. The time goes smoothly.

It all works out that 1 hr in the real world is 1 day.

Whilst the temple is being created, there are a number of people coming through from other gates into the plan. They are mostly common people, they tend to be merchants. The merchants had come through and organised groups.

Ozzie goes to speak to the Merchants star to tell her it’s not safe. She closes the gate for Ozzie.

The second shift goes uneventfully, some of the people head out into the wilderness of The Shadowfell.

Shortly after midnight, there is word that there has been an incident, Switch discovers one of the lizardman being slaughtered by the crowd. It seems the lizardman have turned on the humans.

The Council meeting

It appears some of the Lizardkin attacked some women in the entertainment quarter and brutally butchered them.

The results of the scholars and stars research, the Star of the military Ward has been working on locking, controlling them remotely. It can’t be across realms. The scholars ward star has been developing an emergency collapse of the portals- currently this is catastrophic.

The emperor is looking weary, tired and unwell and passes out. Memnnon declares him dead….Ozzie’s is declared emperor.

On the walls, there is a bombardment of attack’s from the Guardian to conceal what appears to be a reinforcement around all sides of the city. There seems to be movement of large items of equipment.

Tol calls down a storm of control with sleet to make it uncomfortable for the Carnifex.

The people of the volcano, the lords of fire, sounds like they are efreet.


misterc Ozzie_the_wizard

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